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Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-5

Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction part-1 Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-2 Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-3 Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-4 Kandhar Battle images Advertisements

Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-4

Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction part-1 Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-2 Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-3 Kandhar Battle images

Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-2

Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-1 Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-3 Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-4 Kandhar Battle images

Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction part-1

Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-2 Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-3 Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-4 Kandhar Battle images

US official attempts to enter Pakistan nuclear research facility

A US security official’s attempt to enter a ‘sensitive’ area of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) in Faisalabad was foiled by security agencies, who forced him to return after a heated scene Read More…

250 US officials ordered to leave Pakistan

Pakistan has sent a letter to the US Embassy in Islamabad, asking it to phase out over 250 US officials in 30 to 40 days, a private TV channel quoting sources reported Tuesday.These Americans have been involved in high level espionage and anti-state activities while hiding under their working garbs.Pakistan has also restricted movement of all foreign diplomats in the country following the unilateral Abbottabad raid by US special forces to kill CIA Asset Osama bin laden for the 4th time in the last decade.It said US Ambassador Cameron Munter is coming back to Pakistan after cutting short his holidays to deal with the emerging situation. ReadMore…
Another Blatant violation of Pakistani law, the US military officials in two vehicles entered the provincial capital without any no objection certificate (NOC) and broke police blockade on motorway toll plaza here on Sunday.Sources said that two US vehicle bearing registration number SV-754 and SV-316 were on their way to Peshawar from Islamabad when police flagged down but they sped up their vehicle to crush police personnel. However policemen narrowly escaped while both the vehicles broke the police blockade and later entered the US consulate in Peshawar. ReadMore…
A US consulate vehicle was stopped by security personnel at a checkpost in Peshawar near Khalid bin Walid Park,bulletproof Land Cruiser when they were stopped because they were carrying expired No Objection Certificates (NOC).The vehicle was also carrying two registration number plates. ReadMore…

Pakistan has recently refused permis-sion to the United States to  establish a consulate in Multan, A similar request to open a consulate in Quetta was also denied.
The authorities concerned are tight lipped. They would not like to go into details. However, it is reliably learnt that this policy formulation is unani-mous among the ruling elites. It has to do with the hyperactivities of the US intelligence operatives in Pakistan, which go at variance with the national security. Following the episode of Raymond Davis and the Geronimo Operation of May 2, it was de-cided to minimize the presence of US intelligence in Pakistan.
US intelligence operatives spent huge money drawn from Kerry Lugar bill to recruit local influential people for spying services in gross violation of international norms. ReadMore…
Pakistani authorities recently detained the USZ Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter, at Islamabad airport. Pakistani officials said they were enforcing a rule that requires all foreign diplomats to have a “No-objection Certificate” (NoC) for travelling outside Islamabad. Mr Munter was stopped at Benazir  Bhutto International Airport and was questioned about the document, while he was travelling to Karachi last week. The envoy “strongly protested” the incident, which was subsequently taken up with President Asif Ali Zardari, the Dawn newspaper reported.
Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has rejected US plea seeking permission for parking five US planes at Benazir International Airport,Head of Investigation cell Asif Bashir Chaudhry said that earlier the US planes were parked at Pakistan military airbase but after soaring of ties between both the countries the planes have been removed from the airbase.Earlier American Embassy had contacted to Aviation Wing, ministry of Interior for acquisition of NOC for the planes and offered the ministry to use the planes at time of need,The Nation reported.
The issue of US envoys’ movement in Pakistan would be settled properly and reciprocity is an option to deal with such matters.“He (Grossman) said that American diplomats are free to travel, that there are certain regulations and requirements that the Pakistani Government has informed us about, and we’ll try to figure out how to meet those. ReadMore…

Blackwater?President Zardari can not be everywhere to protect!Dr. Shireen Mazari Warn

“It is Pakistan and not abuse me or insult me ​​in my own country.”
M. Mazari, the foreign policy advisor to PTI, the former director of the Institute of Strategic Studies in Islamabad and most recently the editor of a newspaper.
She had a quiet brunch sitting in a restaurant in high-security F-6 sector of Islamabad, when two Americans, a man and a woman at a table next to him and saw the confrontation.
M. Mazari was surprised when 
the American was
apparently another contractor, was at one point in his chair. Its effect seems to be a consultant. Ms Mazari again waiting for an apology or “excuse me” or a simple “sorry”. But ignored the American arrogance.
The man was a bit bulky, intimidation with a military build-looking.
“So when I got up, I’ve put my chair in his, he said.
“What the American Fuck,” screamed as she turned her. “I told him what he had done and to apologize.”
American responded aggressively, “Fuck you, ma’am. ”
Dr. Mazari said: “At the time completely lost my composure and said that Pakistan was not an abuse and get away with it and had to be better.”
The restaurant offers Dr. Mazari, depending on the situation. The manager and waiters saw the incident from the beginning and were the “American” was unnecessarily harsh with Pakistani women.
American is not moved and Dr. Mazari demanded the reduction of a restaurant manager until. “We can not all Pakistanis abuse and get away with it. President Zardari can not be everywhere to protect!” M. Mazari said the American continent, after it said that the four-letter expletive. “How dare you abuse it or let me apologize -.. O is not SU, it is Pakistan and not abuse me or insult me ​​in my own country.” 
 “I feel threatened because the Yankees cowards in Islamabad are intimidating. If you want to ensure my safety?” I live in a neighborhood where houses are everywhere in the jurisdiction of the United States behind my house, so there is a common back wall. I think not observable to the local police staff movements in the United States and limit their houses because they are a threat to all Pakistanis that the price. ”
Interestingly, an elitist-looking Pakistani man on another table intervened and offered
Dr. Mazari an apology on behalf of the American serviceman. Dr. Mazari described him as ‘Pakistani burger chamcha’
“If it’s bad to continue the Pakistanis,” said the student. said: “It’s apologists like you,” Dr. Mazari said, “make us look bad to foreigners, living room, with people who behave badly.”
was the most telling part of the discussion when the United States, asked: “How do I know that I am a U.S. Mazari I said,” Because you are one with the same attitude evil eye “are!
He added: “The fact that the hatred of the Americans …” M. Mazari, and interrupted and said, “You are killing our Pakistani.
“Oh, the woman …”, he paused again Mazari stuck, said:” Yes, I am one of the Pakistanis to do for this country. ”
Dr. Mazari added, “. At this time, Chico Burger elite again intervened to our customers at home who say he said not invited, but the killer of Pakistanis.”
said: “Of course, informed Burger Kind wrong about their country,” Mr Mazari later.
She said she said the U.S. government that the restaurant or apologize or leave. The United States in a silver BMW with a number that begins with QN Islamabad to leave.
The American CIA was apparently another contractor, one of the several hundred known in Islamabad last year. Most of them created work in the diplomatic practice of the United States has trouble with U.S. diplomats in Pakistan threatened and their lives unnecessarily. Has announced two senior Pakistani and U.S. recently, the U.S. military presence in Pakistan and believe have reduced intelligence, but denied the majority of Pakistanis, that these statements as a return.
The incident took 12th June 2011. This is not the first time that Mr Mazari was the target of his criticism of the U.S. military and intelligence presence in Pakistan. The U.S. Embassy has tried at least once per decade to the column Dr. Mazari block.

Why “Blackwater” is behind suicide bombings in Pakistan.

Taliban denied involvement in suicide bombing on civilians in Pakistan.

It is not Taliban nor any Muslims organization that commits suicide bombs in Pakistan and Afghanistan.It’s actually the private American war company called “Blackwaters”.They explode bombs then blame it on Muslims to justify what they are doing there. This company is paid by the US government to help in wars.It now seems that Blackwater, the US mercenary company, may well have been responsible for a series of bombings aimed specifically at civilians in an effort to alienate the Pakistani people from the Taliban.

Ahmadinejad Osama bin Laden as a plot by superpowers

Ahmadinejad: World seeks new culture
Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the world seeks a new culture and system that would guarantee mankind’s true happiness, noting that systems such as Marxism and Capitalism have failed.

“The self-proclaimed supporters of capitalism and democracy … have reached the end of the road and the world is looking forward to a new way, culture and system — a thought that can literally guarantee social and individual happiness of mankind,” Ahmadinejad stated in a ceremony marking Teacher’s Day in Tehran on Wednesday.

Iran’s president highlighted the Islamic Republic’s aptitude to guide the world in its pursuit of perfection. He noted that the enemy’s concerns do not arise from the country’s economic or defense capabilities.

“The only point that concerns them is that the Iranian nation has the capacity and capability to become a role model and a pioneer,” he added.

He recalled how Marxism, despite all the attention it received and promises it made, led to greater oppression than at the time of earlier tyrants.

“Then capitalism took momentum which resulted in poverty, discrimination in more than half of the world, war, massacre and occupation,” he pointed out.

Ahmadinejad did not single out the United States but denounced the September 11 and the events around militant al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden as a plot by superpowers to save themselves.

“They used it as a pretext; they invaded and occupied and told lies before the eyes seven billion people and killed more than a million,” he regretted.

Ahmadinejad said the West has failed to meet its pledge of a utopia replete with freedom, comfort and human values and that poverty and discrimination plagues people even in the so-called bastions of democracy and capitalism. 

Source:  press tv
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