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Unmasks US intentions

America wants to prolong its military presence in the region.Saudi royal family is very afraid because they’ve seen the Mubarak government brought down by a US-sponsored colored revolution run by Samantha Powell and Michael McDowell here from the National Security Council in the White House and they’re horrified by that.

So you could say that Saudi Arabia is in play and that’s the big strategic factor at the present time. At the beginning of June we had a very interesting op-ed here in the Washington Post by Prince Turki al-Faisal saying that if the US blocks the creation of a Palestinian state at the UN General Assembly in September there would be disastrous consequences for US Saudi relations.
The administration has made it fairly clear that it is willing to make a deal to leave behind some troops. But coaxing the fragmented and prickly Iraqi leadership into making the right choice would require subtlety, patience and high-level engagement — like that the Bush administration employed when it negotiated a strategic framework with Iraq before leaving office in 2008, or that Vice President Biden used in helping to broker an agreement on a new Iraqi government last year.

So it was startling to hear Defense Secretary Leon Panetta offer, in Baghdad, the following description of his message to Iraqi leaders: “Dammit, make a decision.”(washingtonpost)
US is looking for an excuse to expand its military operations in the troubled South and central Asian regions to secure bases near Russia and China, but economic downfall and financial burden don’t let to achieve their great-power ambitions. Al Jazeera explores the financial and human costs of the war in Afghanistan, which have gone up every year over the past five years.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the assassination of the Afghan President’s senior adviser in the capital Kabul, along with one of the country’s MPs. Local security forces say they’ve already killed the militants who carried out the attack. The murders come less than a week after Hamid Karzai’s half-brother, who ran the south of the country, was gunned down. The Taliban is stepping up its assault on Afghan officials, as NATO combat troops begin to withdraw.

Obama Vows War On Saudi Arabia, Orders Thousands Of US Troops To Region

A stunning report from the G8 Summit states that President Medvedev has been told that the American regime leader Barack Obama intends to unleash a “summer war” on Saudi Arabia to capture their oil fields and has ordered thousands more US Troops to the region to launch it. The Washington Post that suggested Riyadh was ready to go it alone because the United States had become an “unreliable partner.”  
Saudi Arabia to split from Washington on some issues while questioning its longstanding reliance on the United States to protect its interests.

According to this report, Obama this past week ordered
his Defense Department to “pre-position” over 7,170 combat-hardened US Soldiers in southern Iraq to prepare for the invasion of Saudi Arabia in a blatant disregard of the American pledge to withdrawal all of their by January 2012.
So enraged were the Iraqi people when hearing of Obama’s betrayal that tens-of-thousands of them began a mass protest demanding the Americans leave, but was met with US commander Major General Jeffrey Buchanan slamming the protest march by calling this peaceful

protest “an affront to Iraq’s democracy.”
Even worse for the US, this report continues, was the powerful Iraqi cleric and militia leader Moqtada al-Sadr threatening to unleash his forces upon the Americans unless they begin leaving his country as soon as practical, but which with Obama’s planned new war against Saudi Arabia is now not going to happen.
Unnerving Obama, this report says, is the new Arab Alliance the Saudi’s are creating to make war against Iran, and which includes the largest Muslim nation in the world Indonesia, and America’s newest enemy Pakistan.
The new Arab Alliance, all Sunni Muslim ruled nations, being created by Saudi Arabia through their Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) launched their first attack against their Persian Shiite foes in Bahrain where Saudi and Pakistani troops unleashed one of the most brutal crackdowns ever seen in a region used to such actions, even to include the mass destruction of holy sites.
Saudi Arabia’s anger at Obama stems from the Americans refusal to support the deposed Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak who now languishes in prison with his two sons under threat of death by firing squad for his ordering the killing of unarmed protesters.
As we have reported on many times,the Americas have vowed to protect Iran ‘at all costs’ and since 2001 have fought two wars to defeat the Persian Shiite’s nations most feared opponents, the Bathist led Iraq and Taliban led Afghanistan.
Obama’s main strategy, this report continues, is to secure all of the Middle East’s vast oil reserves of which Saudi Arabia has the most of, but which are now threatened should the Saudi’s succeed in launching an attack on Iran with their GCC allies which would turn the whole Gulf region into an infernal of ‘unimaginable proportions’ and plunge the entire world into an economic depression the likes of which have never been seen.
Fueling Obama’s fears even more, this report further says, are that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons would be used in this conflict, and which the Americans have now lost their ability to monitor after being ordered out of the country as tensions between these two former allies escalate by the day.
Worse still for the Americans was the dashing of their hopes this past week for Brazil’s oil reserves (the largest oil find in three decades) after new estimates lowered this ‘black gold’ from over 15 billion barrels to as little few as 4.5 billion. Though the US has tried to secure a part of Brazil’s vast oil reserves through a $2 billion loan-guarantee, the Brazilians, to date, have not taken advantage it.
Important to note about Brazil, and as we had reported on in our report “World Begins Effort To Collapse US Dollar As Brazil Begins Nuclear Production And Ejects UN Inspectors”, is that because of its nuclear weapons the Americans can’t take their oil reserves by force as they have through their wars against Muslim nations.

To the American peoples ability to stop Obama’s new war against Saudi Arabia there appears to be no hope especially after his refusal yesterday to allow a truce in the illegal Libyan war he started over two months ago by lying to his own citizens saying it would only last “days, not weeks.”
Most ominous, for the American people at least, in this report further warning that the parallels between the United States today, and Nazi Germany of last century are becoming too similar to ignore, especially when viewed in the light that both of these nations wars were started because they lacked the oil resources to sustain their global economic and military might.
Evidence that America is fast falling into fascist tyranny could, literally, fill hundreds of volumes, and made even worse this after Obama followed Bush in allowing the unlimited powers of surveillance of US citizens and ordered his government lawyers to review all prayers said at the burial of US war veterans to make sure the name of Jesus was removed.
Perhaps even worse was the Obama regime this past week unveiling their plan to spend over $500 million on a programme designed to make 5-year-old children ‘sit still’ in kindergarten in blind obedience to their ‘masters’, a move eerily similar to Nazi Germany’s creation of the Hitler Youth designed to accomplish the same goal.
To what the Obama regime is doing to the American peasant class is even worse as new reports show them failing to stop the dispensing of a popular stop-smoking drug called Chantix that has resulted in hundreds of suicides psychotic reactions or stopping the ingestion into food and drink the dangerous chemical Aspartame that scientists warn is the cause of thousands of premature births and cancer deaths.
To the worse horrors to come, the American people remain blissfully ignorant, but one has no doubt that when these deluded people see that their “American Dream” is, in fact, an “American Nightmare”, the facing of their “new reality” will be more than they can bear. May God have mercy on them all. 

Source:  Sorcha Faal

Taliban Spring Offenseive "Badar" Updates

Badar (or Badr) was a battle fought and won by the Prophet Mohammed(pbuh) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia; the victory is attributed to the divine intervention of
Allah.The Taliban said Badar’s primary targets would be “foreign invading forces, members of their spy networks and (other) spies, high-ranking officials of the Kabul Puppet Administration, both military and 
civilian, members of the cabinet, members of 
the parliament, Heads of foreign and local companies working for the enemy and contractors.”

If something doesn’t make sense,then usually it isn’t true.

What Are The Odds?
“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself…and you are the easiest person to fool.”
Just when one thinks that American peoples capacity for self delusion has reached its lowest point and couldn’t possible get any worse, along comes the world’s most famous terrorist caricature to prove us all wrong….again.

During the past fortnight these people have been on what can only be described as a sort of ‘death ecstasy’ over the purported killing of the alleged 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden, the Saudi Arabian born and raised fighter of Soviet forces in Afghanistan funded by the CIA who was put on the FBI’s Most Wanted List for his role in various terror attacks, but never charged with anything having to do with the 9/11 attacks on America.

Since Osama bin Laden was assassinated under orders from President Obama (Or was it his ‘purported to be dead brother’ Salem bin Laden?) the White House has been unable to give a straight narrative on the US military operation that killed him giving out at least 10 different versions, all of them contradicted by the members of his family who witnessed it and, surprisingly, all agree that this alleged terrorist ‘mastermind’ was captured unarmed and then promptly executed.

As to offering proof of their claim to have killed bin Laden/Tim Osman (his CIA code name) the Obama administration refused to release any photos opting instead to release what they say were video tapes they confiscated from his Pakistan compound, and which, as always, left more questions than answers.

Now the questions, and as you can see by viewing the photo, arising from these video tapes are:
1.) Why is a left-handed bin Laden using his right hand to operate a remote control device? 
2.) Why is the TV/Satellite configuration plugged into a 110 volt outlet that doesn’t exist in Pakistan which operates on 220-240 volts? 
3.) Why is bin Laden’s television plugged into a Hughes HX Satellite Broadband Internet device available only to US military and contract personnel stationed in Afghanistan?

The answers to these questions are, of course, unknowable, but without their being answered has left nearly
20% of the American people believing that bin Laden isn’t dead, according to the Zogby polling organization.

These 20% of Americans not believing their governments bin Laden “death story” join the 27% who don’t believe Obama was born in the US, the 84% who believe 9/11 was an ‘inside job’, the 57% who don’t believe President Kennedy was killed by a lone assassin, and the 34% who believe in UFO’s.

For the United States purporting itself to be the most free country in the world, these numbers are beyond astounding and point to what can only be described as a fundamental breakdown in the level of trust between the American people, their government, and their press establishment. Why this is so is always blamed by US government spokesman, and their mainstream press lapdogs, as the American people being “conspiracy nuts”, “birthers” (those not believing Obama is a US citizen), “truthers” (those not believing in the 9/11 fairytale), “crackpots”, you name it.

But the real truth behind the breakdown of faith between the American people, their government, and their mainstream press lapdogs, is more complicated and strikes at the very core being of whom these people really are….the world’s most addicted gamblers. Out of our planet’s entire nearly 7 billion population, the United States, with its population of nearly 300 million that’s just 4.5% of the world’s total, account for fully 36% of all the gambling taking place EVERYWHERE!

And in being the gamblers that they are, the American people, more than any people in history, take risks beyond those of any society of human beings in the world opting to depend on themselves more than anything else. Unlike the Europeans who eschew risk opting instead to be taken care of by their governments from ‘cradle to grave’, these Americans, when given the chance, choose to live life on their terms, and no one else’s.

Like the gamblers that they are these Americans, likewise, do what all good gamblers do when assessing their risks…the ask the simple question: “What Are The Odds?”

The definition of the word “odds” basically means the probability that something is so, will occur, or is more likely to occur than something else, and when it comes to these Americans being told something by their government or lapdog mainstream press they always ask themselves that question “What are the odds?” If the “odds” don’t match up with what they are being told these Americans simple discount it and then look for other explanations that make more sense. After all, if something doesn’t make sense, these Americans argue to themselves, then usually it isn’t true.

For example:

In 1963 the American people were told to believe that a man named Lee Harvey Oswald left the US Marines with a “Top Secret” security clearance, immigrated to the Soviet Union, was allowed back into the United States and then singlehandedly became the world’s best marksman in all of history and assassinated President John F. Kennedy with 3, 4 or 5 bullets fired by an antiquated bolt-action rifle from a distance of over 100 meters in a mere 2.5 seconds scoring ‘direct hits’ with all his shots.

Next they were told to believe that a former mobster linked to Al Capone named Jack Leon Rubenstein (aka Jack Ruby) who in 1947 worked for then Congressman Richard Nixon, who later became President, as a “confidential informant” killed Oswald before he could be tried. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

In 1981 they were told to believe that the mentally ill son of Texas oil billionaire John Hinckley Sr., the power behind former CIA Director George Bush’s quest to become President, was a ‘lone gunman’ when he attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

In 2001 they were told to believe that a Boeing 757 aircraft flew into the Pentagon leaving only a 12.25 ft hole (before the wall collapsed) that just happened to target the US Navy’s intelligence computers controlling the air defenses over the United States after which the 9/11 attacks ended. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

Also in 2001 they were told to believe that the 9/11 attacks were ‘masterminded’ by Saudi national Osama bin Laden whose brother Salem bin Laden founded in 1978 a Texas based oil company named Arbusto Energy with his ‘best friend’ and partner, and future US President, George W. Bush. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

Now these are just four examples out of hundreds, if not thousands, of ‘stories’ the American people have been told to believe by their government and mainstream media lapdogs that “just didn’t add up” and begged further investigation, if not outright criminal trials. But with no other explanations or examinations being made (other than those maintaining the cover-ups) the American people did what they’ve always done, tried to figure it out for themselves.

And the track record of ordinary Americans figuring things out for themselves is nothing short of astounding, especially when viewed in the light of the odds they’ve had to go against to discover what the real truth is.

For example:
For decades many Americans have asserted that their government was working on devices that could “transmit thoughts” into human brains. In 2006 a Freedom of Information Act petition filed by an ‘ordinary’ American requesting all declassified government documents pertaining to covert attempts at microwave auditory effect, telepathy and hypnosis revealed that this was true. The ‘mainstream’ press failed to report it.

For decades many Americans have asserted that the Census is tool for government oppression. Recently released US government documents revealed this was true and that the Census has been used to round up American-Japanese and American-German citizens during World War II and to round up American-Arabs after 9/11. The ‘mainstream’ press failed to report it.

For decades many Americans have asserted that their government controls the media. Recently released US government documents revealed this was true and was part of a CIA programme “Operation Mockingbird” that by the mid-1950’s had over 400 ‘government controlled’ journalists working in the ‘mainstream’ US media. No one knows how many there are today. The ‘mainstream’ press failed to report it.

For decades many Americans have asserted that government spies are just about ‘everywhere’ in their country. Recently released government documents revealed this was true and detailed how US government agents infiltrated with the intent to destroy too many anti-war and civil rights organizations to mention. One Obama adviser even suggested infiltrating conspiracy theory message boards with secret agents who would discredit “false conspiracy theories about the government.” Because apparently, people on conspiracy theory message boards would never appreciate the irony. The ‘mainstream’ press failed to report it.

For decades many Americans have asserted that their government had poisoned them in the past and could do so again. Recently released documents revealed this was true and detailed how during prohibition US government agents put poison in alcohol sold to bootleggers and killed an estimated 10,000 Americans. The ‘mainstream’ press failed to report it.

For decades many Americans have asserted that their government has sprayed them with biological agents. Recently released documents revealed this was true and included the spraying of a the San Francisco subway system in the 1950’s with a ‘biological agent’, the spraying of the New York City subway system in 1966 with a biological agent called a ‘cousin to anthrax’ in 1966, and an “entomological warfare” where they dumped over 300,00 ‘biologically infected’ mosquitoes over the State of Georgia to, and there words not ours, “to see what would happen.” The ‘mainstream’ press failed to report it.

The ability of the American people to “gamble” on the truth and find things out for themselves has never been easy, just ask Daniel Ellsberg who in the late 1960’s risked his life and future when he released what are known as the Pentagon Papers that according to the New York Times showed “the Johnson Administration had systematically lied, not only to the public but also to Congress, about a subject of transcendent national interest and significance” regarding the Vietnam War. The release of the Pentagon Papers proved the ‘beginning of the end’ to what was then the longest war fought by the United States.

To see who much worse it has gotten for those Americans seeking the truth one can juxtapose the release of the Pentagon Papers with this past years release of the WikiLeaks Files containing tens of thousands of once secret US documents that nary one single American ‘mainstream’ news lapdog will report on and the courageous US Soldier, Bradley Manning, who is alleged to have released them, is still being held without trial and tortured under the orders of his top commander, President Obama. [Note: Since the release of the WikiLeaks Files the Arab world has united in revolution to overturn those regimes supported by US duplicity and coercion.]

Now the “common thread”, so to speak, between those Americans seeking the truth, and then their being able finding it, lies with organizations such as ours who for decades have assisted, and provided valuable information to those asking the question, “What are the odds?”

And never before in history has this effort to find the truth been more critical as our world plunges ever closer to the abyss. From unprecedented natural disasters, to global economic collapse, to violent revolutions spreading around the world, to the mass extinction of the most important species needed for our survival, to all of these and more, the truth (at least for those looking for it) is more important that ever!

But at the exact same time that truth is being sought, those seeking to prevent you from knowing it are working harder than you can imagine to keep you from it. And their main weapon in this war against those like us is constant and consistent attacks on every front you can imagine, with none being more devastating than the cyberattacks launched on an almost hourly basis against the servers of those websites considered “enemies of the state.”

Source:  by Sister Ciara

ISI cards? China, UAE & Saudi Arabia!

Sources said that ISI Chief visit could be for China, Saudi Arabia and UAE where he is expected to meet senior defence and military official to brief on Pakistan’s stance over the OBL issue. According to defence sources, his visit is being kept secret by military officials. Sources said that the decision to send Shuja Pasha abroad was taken during the corps commanders meeting so that Pakistan’s brotherly countries could be taken into confidence over the unilateral action by US.  

                  Earlier, Director General Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) held a meeting with the Station Commander of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Mark Carlton here on Friday and personally delivers threat to CIA Islamabad station Chief Mark Carlton: “We will declare we are out of your war on terror and ask you to move all your assets out of from Pakistan, CIA is penetrating Pakistan government”. The intelligence officials have given a clear message to Washington that the United States of Zionism will be responsible for consequences in case of repeat of such operation within Pakistani territory,
sources added. It is critical to note that this reaction has come from ISI’s powerful chief after the Zionist mainstream American / British media has started unloading its typical comic fictitious propaganda against ISI declaring it as a supporter of the so called “terrorists” when in reality CIA is backing TTP Terrorists and MI6 is backing BLA and MQM in Pakistan and spread instability, weaken the state, and increase its power in the region. 

 The question is this who is blaming and why? 

       The CIA Agent Davis “His cell phone has revealed contacts with two ancillaries of al Qaeda in Pakistan, Tehreek-e-Taliban of Pakistan (TTP) and sectarian Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), which has led to the public conclusion that he was behind terrorism committed against Pakistan’s security personnel and its people.Davis has proven contacts with terrorists and AL-Qaeda, may be with their Leaders and that is one of the reason behind CIA not letting ISI to interrogate Davis and used all the intrigue and arm-twisting? Why has the State Department invoked the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations to make its case that Davis is entitled to diplomatic immunity? If Davis is innocent, then he has nothing to worry about, right? Why not let the trial go forward and stop reinforcing the widely-held belief that Davis is a vital cog in the US’s clandestine operations in Pakistan? 

Sources said Abbottabad operation was the top of agenda of the meeting, during which the DG, ISI expressed his strong reservations for not sharing information with Pakistan prior to launching of operation against Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad early this week, which he said amounts to lack of confidence on its ally on war on terror.

The DG, ISI gave a clear message to Washington that the United States will be responsible of consequences in case of repeat for such operation within Pakistani territory.

Source:  Pakisatan observer

China warn US, if you mess with Pakistan you will be messing with Beijing.

 CIA target Pakistan.Why?

CIA Announces that Next False Flag Terror Op will be Blamed on Pakistan’s ISI; China Backs Islamabad in Looming Confrontation; Collapse of the US Empire Brings Heightened Danger of General War.New strategic challenges for China and Pakistan, which will become more dependent on each other as a result.

        Saudi Arabia approaches Pakistan for defence assistance in league with China, which angers the US over shift in Saudi dependency.

Obama is direct threat to saudi arabia.Pakistan!

Saudi Arabia is the main target of US in middle east after Egypt.Saudi Arabia must have a fear that the USA and its allies are planning to take over Saudi’s oil. Saudi Arabia now see Obama is a threat to national security.
              Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia Gets Pakistani Military Support vs CIA Color Revolution. If CIA will start color revolution in Saudi Arabia, Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia gets Pakistani military support to counter any CIA threat.

            A Russia-Saudi-Pakistan-China Bloc could challenge Wall St. and the City of London

                Pakistan allies to china and Bandar conection to Russia, will make way to a new bloc Saudi,Pakistan,Russia and China. Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia is preparing his trip to Pakistan which means open way to china. Bandar goes to Pakistan means, whats nixon has done 40years ago. That is real alliance of strategic,economic and military, Bloc have a potential to change Global Scenario. 
                Saudi Arabia mainly rely on US for their security needs but now saudi Arabia realize that CIA have a plan to split Saudi Arabia gives the Saudis the holy sites and us the oil.So far, the US-Saudi special relationship has lasted 50 years because of a simple deal: oil in exchange for security.
                American real Aim is
to starting war between Saudi Arabi and iran by dragging them in Battle ground Bahrain, provide an opportunity to interfere and invade Saudi Arabia.The US has not had wholly “friendly” intentions towards the Kingdom for the past 30 years. Any appearance of such is only the visible veneer of real US military policy. Declassified documents reveal that there has been a constant drumbeat to invade Saudi Arabia that has sounded behind the closed doors of our government. The Pentagon, for three decades, has formulated and updated secret plans to seize Saudi oil wells and rid the Kingdom of the ruling House of Saud. This is not only a neo-conservative cabal. Time and again plans have been made for an invasion of Saudi Arabia for a larger purpose: US control of the global oil supply thereby dominating global economic markets.


Source: aangirfan

Rift in US-Israel Relations Deepened

US President Barack Obama announced a decision to recognise the creation of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, adding that the US will vote as such in the United Nations, reported the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot.Barnea expects relations between Washington and Tel Aviv to head down a rather dangerous road, wherein “a US approval for the declaration of a Palestinian state would cause confusion and extreme embarrassment for Israel.”.  Readmore…

Saudi Arabia Looking, all-weather friend Pakistan and allies in China

Relations between Riyadh and Washington have deteriorated sharply as the Saudis have lost faith in American commitments to stand by their friends.The Saudi leadership also believes they have seen this American movie before. Jimmy Carter threw the Shah under the bus in 1978 and we got the Islamic Republic of Iran. George Bush toppled Saddam in 2003 and we got a Shia government in Iraq. The princes think America is naïve at best, untrustworthy at worst.
     Saudi looking east for help to all-weather friend Pakistan and allies in China.
Prince Bandar, former ambassador in Washington, reportedly visited Islamabad to ask the Pakistanis for troops to help ensure internal stability in the kingdom and the Gulf States if needed. He invoked an understanding that dates back to the 1980s when then-Pakistani dictator Zia ul Huq provided over 10,000 Pakistani troops to protect the country after the Iranian revolution. Bandar also has been in Beijing to promote more trade and to ensure the Chinese communist stand with their Saudi friends. Bandar was the deal-maker in the Saudi-Chinese intermediate range missile sale in the 1980s that provided Riyadh with its now aging missile force.
Press reports have speculated that China has approached the Saudis with offers to sell modern missile systems. The 600-km range CSS-6 and 1800-km range CSS-5 solid-fueled missiles have been mentioned.
Saudi Arabia is examining the prospect of raising the level of its strategic relations with Pakistan. The Saudis have accelerated talks with Islamabad for the purchase of Pakistani weapons as well as joint military and strategic projects. Riyad also seeks to exploit Pakistani’s expertise in missiles and weapons of mass destruction. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have already developed an array of defense and military relations. But the discussions in Riyad to expand strategic ties reflect the kingdom’s concerns over its deteriorating relations with the United States.

Source: National intrest

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