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Trip to Tirah Valley part-3


NO WONDER these lazy luxury oreinted murdeerers lose wars

Americans Soldier Luxury Tents in Afghanistan

NO WONDER these lazy luxury oreinted murdeerers lose wars. The US has wasted 3 TRILLION on these pathetic losers while its economy implodes under pressure and it has to beg Asians for money. Millions are UNEMPLOYED. HOMELESS, ON-FOOD STAMPS and living on streets while these COWARDS lap it up in luxury.The Americans cry is being heard: “Rebuild America, not Afghanistan.”
War is waged to achieve political objectives, not to kill enemies. Politically, the US has achieved nothing in Afghanistan after ten years of desultory war and destruction.Once more, Afghanistan fulfills its grim title as “graveyard of empires.”The US has failed to install an obedient regime in Kabul that controls Afghanistan. It has made bitter foes of the nation’s Pashtun majority, and, in pursuing this war, gravely undermined Pakistan.US allies France and Germany announced similar troop reductions. All foreign troops are supposed to quit Afghanistan by the end of 2014.The US deficit is heading over $1.4 trillion. The national debt, when unfunded pensions and benefits are added, is likely $100 trillion, according to the chief of PIMCO, the world’s largest bond trader.
Forty-four million Americans now receive food stamps; the national infrastructure of roads, airports, bridges and schools is crumbling from neglect. Unemployment, officially at 9.5%, is probably closer to 20%.
Mid-level talks between the US and Taliban have been conducted for over a year. Washington’s plan was to try to split Taliban through such talks. US Afghan supremo Gen. David Petraeus tried to buy off Afghan resistance in the same manner he had bribed Iraq’s Sunni tribes into quiescence. This gambit did not work with Taliban’s hardened warriors, for whom honor holds as much value as money. 
The US appears to be going and staying at the same time. By contrast, the Taliban’s position is clear and simple: it will continue fighting until all foreign troops are withdrawn. US special forces, drones and hit squads have been unable to assassinate enough Taliban commanders to make the mujahedin stop fighting.The Pashtun Taliban and its allies are dedicated, undefeated warriors who fight where they live, and have all the time in the world. The US has lost the political and military war in Afghanistan. It may linger there, but it cannot win.(Eric Margolis)

Cracks appeared in CIA funded Tehrik-e-Talban-a defunct outfit

Cracks appeared in defunct Tehrik-e-Talban as Maulana Fazal Saeed launced a new organistan.
Maulana Fazal Saeed parted ways with defunct Tehrik-e-Talban and announced the formation of Tehrik-e-Talban Islami.

Defunct Tehrik-e-Talban splits into two groups.He said that killing of innocent people and suicide bomb blasts in mosques is against the norms and teaching of Islam.(Dunyanews)

understand what exactly Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is
Taliban surfaced over this Afghanistan scenario at a very small scale. They were mainly composed of groups of current or ex-students of religious institutes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa(NWFP), Pakistan, which was a key reason of Taliban’s contacts with JUI (and Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman).Benazir’s government’s foreign policy was far more internationally acceptable, than Nawaz Sharif’s comparatively localized foreign policy, and hence, Benazir’s Government in 90’s used to acknowledge far more pressure from outside than that of Nawaz Sharif. That is why that it is very much probable that Benazir’s government recognized Taliban regime on notion from Allied Capitalists.Allied Capitalists also “permitted” Saudi and UAE to recognize and assist Taliban during that time.They tried to deeply engaged with taliban using UAE, UAE being Asian head-quarter of Allied Capitalists.Pakistan’s role in engaging Taliban at such rogue level was limited due to strong hold of ISI over Afghan affairs from Pakistan’s perspective. JUI was successfully “contained” by ISI over this issue.Allied Capitalists’ CIA lost against ISI on this front, and Taliban didn’t make any deal with Unicol, or any other company for any mega projects.Various dollars-hungry dormant Pushtoon war lords and fighters, who had submitted to Taliban’s regime few years ago, became in active contact with CIA. This was a small failure for ISI, which would turn out to be a catastrophic one later one day!
CIA made an intelligent move. They pulled Al-Qaeda hoax from Sudan, used their Afghan contacts to place Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda was already familiar to these Afghans, because Al-Qaeda was actually created by CIA with Arab residues of Jihadists of Soviet-Afghan war. The Taliban leadership fell prey to this conspiracy of Allied Capitalists. The main reason was that, once Al-Qaeda came into Afghanistan, Saudi and UAE stopped their cash flow to Afghanistan, and Al-Qaeda took over this cash flow and started bringing money for Taliban!  Allied Capitalists “sacrificed” Sudan, just because Region of Baluchistan was far more important than Sudan for them.
Thus, Allied Capitalists got back a reason to plant their force in the region, and the reason was Al-Qaeda! Then a hoax 9/11 was created, and Afghanistan was attacked wiht the plea of Al-Qaeda. CIA had got Ahmad Shah Massoud assassinated just before that, because, they knew that Northern alliance will never go against Pakistan eventually (like Karzai does today), under Ahmad Shah Massoud. Taliban regime was toppled after a NATO forces action, and northern alliance took over.
We must consider a very important point here. Taliban’s regime ended up like sand hill, just because, CIA used its same contact with war lords and Al-Qaeda (who was deeply rooted in Taliban regime by then), to break Taliban down into conflicting factions. Mullah Omar’s group went towards its original areas in south eastern Afghanistan. The new CIA controlled Taliban were planted in border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan (with the help of RAW, which was newly settling down in Asghanistan under the Umbrella of CIA and NATO forces). Let’s term them as “Fake Taliban”.
This was same time when Musharraf was leading Pakistan with full fire.Musharraf’s civil advisory was also very well under control of CIA, and Musharraf’s regime was used to launch a full-fledge campaign against ISI, basing it on “war against terror” and ISI’s contacts with “Real Taliban”. Musharraf led Pak army into operations after operations following Allied Capitalists agenda.ISI was pushed to the wall for most of Musharraf’s era (except for last couple of years). By analyzing the events that followed, it can be stated with huge probability that main leadership of MMA was in contact with CIA, and while taking anti-American emotion of masses as a plea, they helped “fake Taliban” establish strong hold in the regions which are declared “troubled” today in Pakistan. And they took the name of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan – the TTP

ہند ميں حکمت ديں کوئي کہاں سے سيکھے
نہ کہيں لذت کردار، نہ افکار عميق
حلقہ شوق ميں وہ جرات انديشہ کہاں
آہ محکومي و تقليد و زوال تحقيق!
خود بدلتے نہيں، قرآں کو بدل ديتے ہيں
ہوئے کس درجہ فقيہان حرم بے توفيق!
ان غلاموں کا يہ مسلک ہے کہ ناقص ہے کتاب
کہ سکھاتي نہيں مومن کو غلامي کے طريق


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