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Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-3

Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-1 Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-2 Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-4 Kandhar Battle images

U.S. war crimes in Iraq: Slitting throats in Haditha

“In their own words… Marines came to view 20 dead civilians as not ‘remarkable,’ but as routine.”

“Troops… grew increasingly twitchy, killing more and more civilians in Read More…

Nato Terrorists Destroys Libya’s $30 Billion Water Pipeline


A NATO terrorist attack has hit a water pipes factory in al-Brega, murdering six guards, this being the factory which makes pipes for the great man-made irrigation system across the desert which brings water to seventy per cent of Libyan homes, according to sources in Libya. The factory was hit after the Read More…

Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-2

Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-1 Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-3 Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-4 Kandhar Battle images

Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction part-1

Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-2 Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-3 Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-4 Kandhar Battle images

U.S. told Egypt it must rescue Israeli embassy workers or suffer ‘consequences,’ sources say

“There’s no time to waste,” Panetta reportedly told Tantawi in the 1 A.M. call, warning of a tragic outcome that “would have very severe consequences.”Officials involved in attempt to resolve mob attack on       Read More…

ISI Dig in! Exposed Brig.Ali khan

Hizb-ut-Tahrir Militant Group banned in Pakistan

Brigadier Ali Khan, who has been arrested in Pakistan, due to his reported links to CIA-funded Hizb ut Tahrir, British base Islamic Militant Group said to be also working for the M-16. The case is as much about counterintelligence as it is about violation of military discipline. The Pakistani officer is not linked to any militant activity and has no connection to the OBL case or the brazen attack on a naval base on May 22.

This background information is significant because it proves false the conspiracy theories about ‘militant infiltration’ into Pakistani armed forces.

The case is as much about counterintelligence as it is about violation of military discipline.What needs to be emphasized is that, in either case, Brig. Khan violated military discipline and is being questioned. This does not nullify the fact that he is a well respected officer known for his deep loyalty to Pakistan and its Armed Forces. But violation of discipline is a serious offense. Action of this nature is necessary to maintain military discipline within Pakistan Armed Forces, which are one of the top professional militaries in the world.

US media is twisting the story to feed its campaign to incite mutiny within Pakistani Armed Forces. Militant links inside our military is an American conspiracy theory that seeks to demonize and discredit our soldiers. The government and military should do damage-control by challenging the intense propaganda being peddled by our American allies that seeks to break Pakistani military discipline.

Western twisting story
The discontent with Kayani has reached such a level that a colonels’ coup is not out of the question, the New York Times quoted Pakistani and US sources as saying on Thursday.

BBC News Story: Brig. Khan disagreed with the way the military has so far handled repeated violations of Pakistani laws and borders by US military and intelligence.He had been exerting strong pressure on the top echelons of Pakistan’s military to stop co-operating with American forces in the fight against Taliban and al-Qaeda insurgents, At an army course at a prestigious military college in Quetta, Brig Khan asked Gen Musharraf why he would not divulge the details of an agreement with the US to the Pakistani public.Then Successive promotion boards rejected Brig Ali.

One of the CIA recruited journalists Amir Mir has tried his level best to prove Al-Qaeda’s infiltrations in Pakistan Army.(Talkhaba)

Western media and the American news outlets in particular are wrongly and deliberately linking Brig. Khan’s arrest to his alleged opposition to the country’s feeble position on US pressure and sovereignty violations. This interpretation is spreading in Pakistan, in the absence of any Pakistani damage-control exercise. 

Aangirfan write in detail connection between CIA,HUT and M-16.

Hizb ut Tahrir and MI6 connection

ITs Time To Cut and Run!

US President Barack Obama will order the withdrawal of at least 15,000 American troops from Afghanistan by the end of this year, the start of a steady drawdown of US forces before handing security over to the Afghan army and police, according to several White House and military officials and analysts in Washington.
Across the board, members of Congress from both parties have started to speak out more forcefully against the war. This week, a bipartisan group of 27 senators wrote to Obama in support of a plan to inaugurate a complete US pullout.It is time for the United States to shift course in
Afghanistan.’ Senior senators, such as Michigan’s Carl Levin of Michigan, chairman of the powerful Armed Services Committee, and John Kerry of Massachusetts, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, have described the war as unsustainable.‘While the US has genuine national security interests in Afghanistan, our current commitment, in troops and dollars, is neither proportional to our interests nor sustainable,’ said Kerry
“The only thing I guess I would say to that is: I hope I’ve prevented us from doing some dumb things over the past four and a half years — or maybe dumb is not the right word, but things that were not actually in our interest,” Mr. Gates said. For the first time since the start of the war, its cost has become a major battleground. Because the fighting on the ground has at most produced a stalemate, with the Taliban and other insurgents decamping across the border to Pakistan when the pressure grows intense, more and more people in Washington are asking whether the United States can afford to spend $10 billion a month to maintain a stalemate. Newt Gingrich, a bombastic former speaker of the US House of Representatives, agreed. ‘I think that we need to think fundamentally about reassessing our entire strategy in the region,’ he said ‘I think that we should say to the generals we would like to figure out how to get out as rapidly as possible with the safety of the troops involved.’

As Operation Badar gains momentum, Americans and their allies are clearly fighting a defensive and reactive battle in Afghanistan.Eight US-led soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan as foreign troops continue to experience some of their deadliest days in the war-ravaged country.The security situation has been steadily worsening across Afghanistan over the past few years despite the presence of around 150,000 US-led foreign troops in the country.1313 USZ soldiers, 118 tanks, military bases wrecked in Afghanistan death toll crosses 22375 in 2011.While Generals cry Don’t End the Afghanistan Surge, we are losing the ground.

Blocking chinese access to persian gulf energy

The “String of Pearls” doctrine encapsulated in a 2006 Strategic Studies Institute report, aims at co-opting, destabilizing and otherwise neutralizing nation states cooperating with China and enabling it to project power and influence along its long and vulnerable oil link to the Middle East. Starting in Africa, throughout the Middle East, into Central Asia and terminating in Southeast Asia, the United States has been conducting a widespread campaign of doing just this.
US agencies confirm presence of Chinese troops along LoC in PoK  Despite the strong Chinese denial, Indian authorities have now acquired “independent” confirmation about the increasing presence of Chinese troops along the line of control (LoC) in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir from none other than US security agencies. Highly placed sources in the government told
TOI on Saturday that US intelligence agencies have confirmed to Indian authorities about the increasing presence of Chinese troops all along the LoC.While Pakistan too has described these reports as baseless, it is now well documented that Chinese troops have been around in PoK since late 2009 when they arrived in the Gilgit-Baltistan area supposedly to rebuild the Karakoram highway. According to Indian agencies though, these troops are no longer restricted to this area and that they are now also present in what Pakistan describes as “Azad Kashmir”.
                     Pakistan in particular has jointly built a new port with China in the coastal city of Gwadar in the southern province of Balochistan. This port serves as a potential terminal for a north-south transit corridor to transport oil and goods directly into Chinese territory via the northern Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. It also serves the potential to host a Chinese naval presence. The US bid to interfere internally to disrupt this is hardly a conspiracy theory. Globalist scribe Selig Harrison of the Soros funded Center for International Policy has published two pieces regarding the overarching importance of Pakistan in a broader geopolitical context and “suggestions” on how it can be solved.

            Harrison’s February 2011 piece, “Free Baluchistan,” in name alone indicates yet another “freedom movement” contrived and fueled to give a favorable outcome to his corporate-financier patrons. He explicitly calls to “aid the 6 million Baluch insurgents fighting for independence from Pakistan in the face of growing ISI repression.” He continues by explaining the various merits of such meddling by stating, “Pakistan has given China a base at Gwadar in the heart of Baluch territory. So an independent Baluchistan would serve U.S. strategic interests in addition to the immediate goal of countering Islamist forces.”
           Harrison would follow up his frank call to carve up Pakistan by addressing the issue of Chinese-Pakistani relations in a March 2011 piece unimaginatively titled, “The Chinese Cozy Up to the Pakistanis.” He begins by stating, “China’s expanding reach is a natural and acceptable accompaniment of its growing power—but only up to a point. ” He then reiterates his call for extraterritorial meddling in Pakistan by saying, “to counter what China is doing in Pakistan, the United States should play hardball by supporting the movement for an independent Baluchistan along the Arabian Sea and working with Baluch insurgents to oust the Chinese from their budding naval base at Gwadar. Beijing wants its inroads into Gilgit and Baltistan to be the first step on its way to an Arabian Sea outlet at Gwadar.”
             Considering that Baluchi rebels are already being funded and armed to wage war inside of Iran, it is more than likely similar aid is being rendered to them to confront the ISI and Pakistan’s government. This three-pronged attack on Iranian, Pakistani, and Chinese sovereignty in a region where 3 nuclear armed nations converge and billions call home is beyond reckless, providing us further insight into the deranged, degenerate minds behind “global governance.”   
            Hamid Karzai’s statement that he may switch sides and back the Taliban in the war in Afghanistan has rattled the nerves of the U.S. foreign policy makes from Washington D.C. to Kabul. And while the cost of war has been high thus far, some consider the U.S. position in Afghanistan vital to America’s China strategy.
In order to fence in China’s influence, Afghanistan could be seen as a vital bulwark between a China-Iranian pipeline alliance.The U.S. would have lost a major bulwark in the presumed containment strategy on China. Simultaneously, faith in the U.S. government’s ability to back up its word in war would be undermined, which may suggest to other Asian states, like India and Pakistan, that they seek security backing elsewhere.

Source:         http://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2011/03/target-china.html

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