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TERRORISM IS NOT MONOPOLY OF ISLAM AND PAKISTAN,Today Christian fundamentalist Proved again

Begging for his life: Chilling image of terrified teenager pleading for mercy from Anders Behring Breivik killer standing astride bodies.The 32-year-old man killed at least 91 people in Norway bought six tons of fertilizer before the massacres, the supplier said Saturday as police investigated witness accounts of a second shooter.(Dailymail)

Desperate plea: A victim of the mass killing can be seen up to his waist in water,
his hands in the air – as the gunman stands on the shore, surrounded by bodies

Height of Hypocrisy is that, Had the person who killed 90+ people in Norway been a Muslim, the world media would have declared him a “terrorist” and linked him to Pakistan. But he is just an ‘Assailant ‘, ‘Attacker’ (Reuters), ‘Gunman’ (BBC, CNN & Al Jazeera). It appears that the word ‘terrorist’ is a name reserved for Muslims. Right after the incident, it was observed that #BlameTheMuslims was trending on twitter.. Some one started it blaming Muslims for Anders Behring Breivik’s killing . But later it turned into an opinion of many people who said “Muslim Shouldn’t b blamed for everything”. Many had to say it was ‘Discrimination’ , ‘It shouldn’t be trending’ etc . But the question remain the same.. why blaming Muslims?
The US Dept of State calls it an ‘Act of Violence’, Not an ‘Act of Terrorism’.
This leaves me and many other out their in suspicion that we are not being treated equally human.. Why is that if Muslims are involved, they are declared as TERRORIST without a hesitation where as this guy isn’t..
I wonder why the hypocrisy..?!
Or is it just prejudice against Muslims?
May be, not labeling him as terrorist is a part of plan to make people believe that he did all this for a purpose? creating a soft corner for him so he could be given a safe passage?(pakistanzindabad)

Are these all terrorist are Muslims? Is these all of Pakistani? Answer is No and today Anders Behring Breivik a blonde blue-eyed Norwegian with reported Christian fundamentalist proved that Terrorism is not monoply of Islam. 

Less than two days after the fact, everybody knows who carried out the shocking massacre that took place in Norway onFriday: Anders Behring Breivik, a Norwegian driven by extremist right-wing ideology. But before Breivik’s apprehension, the local and international media alluded to an extremist Islamists link for the double attack on Oslo and Utoya island — triggering the rage of many Arabs and Muslims worldwide.

New York Times Caught Publishing CIA Propaganda On Norway AttackAn American investigative blogger uncovers how the New York Times tried to link the Norway attack to a Muslim group that doesn’t exist and then how it quietly pulled the story later from its online edition, without offering an apology. Alexander Higgins, also uncovers how two other news outlets, one American and the other British, continued to demonize Muslims hours after a Christian extremist was arrested.In the first few hours after a Christian terrorist killed tens of Norwegians, the New York Times published a report claiming an unknown Muslim group, Ansar al-Jihad al-Aalami [Supporters of Global Jihad] has claimed responsibility for the attack.(alexanderhiggins)

Here is the front page of Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun.

CIA ,m16  to commit acts of terrorism in US cities and elsewhere in order to influence public opinion and have been used by many Western governments over these past five decades.

Fox News“There was a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like, you know, the Hitler youth. I mean, who does a camp for kids that’s all about politics? Disturbing,” Glenn Beck, Fox News host Glenn Beck  Glenn Beck likens Norwegian dead to Hitler youth

Al Jazeera Anders Behring Breivik, Mohammed Atta and Baruch Goldstein are all cut from the same rotten cloth. Anwar Al-Awlaki and Glenn Beck — the peddlers of the faith — all share the same core afflictions. (Al jazeera)


NORWAY – INSIDE JOB Norway joined NATO in suppressing reports of civilian Afghan deaths

    “Targeted assassinations?” It had to cross the killer’s mind that if the Barack Obama administration could do it ~ in AfPak, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, all in the name of Western civilization ~ there’s nothing to prevent a cool Scandinavian from exercising the same rights on his own soil.(snippits-and-slappits)


    Hillary;we give Dollar,we expect pakistan behave like a contract-killer

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a surprise visit to Pakistan amid a breakdown in trust between Washington and Islamabad in the wake of the killing of Osama Bin Laden. She told Pakistan it must do more to target militants hiding on its territory.we give more money to kill bad guy for us.US wants help from Pakistan with Afghanistan and that the Pakistani government could put more effort into that help, but they are not willing to do so. 
    Talking about the roughly $20 billion in aid that the US has provided to Pakistan over the years, Davidson says that most of the aid was actually military aid, “and a high percentage of that military aid is spent in the
    United States.” No one, he argued, should be lead into thinking that the Pakistani people actually benefited from any of that aid.The Pakistanis are not willing to push it as far as the Americans want to,” he continued. “Actually, the Pakistanis are feeling that the real problem is on the Indian border and not on the Afghan border. They want the aid, they don’t want the repercussions doing what the Americans want them to do, and they try to walk the middle line. 

    Whatever the US State Department tells Pakistan, it is really all about tracks and tankers, because “the war in Afghanistan will stop tomorrow if the US does not have access to transportation routes in Pakistan,” declared Pepe Escobar, a correspondent for the Asia Times.“There is a convoy of 200 or even 400 trucks going out of Karachi to Afghanistan daily,” the journalist stated, explaining that an alternative route from Latvia to Afghanistan via Central Asia is 3,000-plus kilometers and does not allow military transportation – as agreed with Russia.

    Pakistan was a great country with lot of enemies.Nizami added,“In 1998, we had a single enemy but now we are under confusion and do not know who is our real enemy.”condemned the drone attacks and the US terror activities inside Pakistani borders. 

    Dick Cheney ordered to assassinate Benazir—Listen after 2 mins

    Dick Cheney ordered to assassinate  Benazir—Listen after 2 mins

    Inside Sources: Bin Laden’s Corpse Has Been On Ice For Nearly a Decade

    Ex-ISI Chief Hamid Gul: CIA “Choreographing” Osama Assassination Hoax

    Gul is a retired Pakistani Army three star general known for heading the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the premier Pakistani intelligence agency, after the Soviet-Afghan War.

    The timing was incredible! By mid May 2011, the US Army was set to be thrown out of Pakistan by the Pakistani government and just weeks before that, bang! They’ve found and killed Osama Bin Laden which was able to hide since 2001.
    A multitude of different inside sources both publicly and privately, including one individual who personally worked with Bin Laden at one time, told us directly that Osama’s dead corpse has been on ice for nearly a decade and that his “death” would only be announced at the most politically expedient time.
    That time has now come with a years-old fake picture being presented as the only evidence of his alleged
    killing yesterday, while Bin Laden’s body has been hastily dumped into the sea to prevent anyone from finding out when he actually died.
    In April 2002, over nine years ago, Council on Foreign Relations member Steve R. Pieczenik, who served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, and James Baker, told the Alex Jones Show that Bin Laden had already been “dead for months”.
    Pieczenik would be in a position to know such information, having worked directly with Bin Laden when the US was funding and arming the terror leader in an attempt to drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan in the late 70′s and early 80′s (a documented historical fact that talking heads in the corporate media are actually denying today in light of developments).
    “I found out through my sources that he had had kidney disease. And as a physician, I knew that he had to have two dialysis machines and he was dying,” Pieczenik told Jones during the April 24, 2002 interview.
    “And you could see those in those films, those made-up photos that they were sending us out of nowhere. I mean, suddenly, we would see a video of bin Laden today and then out of nowhere, they said oh it was sent to us anonymously, meaning that someone in the government, our government, was trying to keep up the morale on our side and say oh we still have to chase this guy when, in fact, he’s been dead for months,” added Pieczenik.

    Pieczenik then stated that the video tape of a fat Bin Laden look alike “taking responsibility” for 9/11 that was released in December 2001 was “such a hoax” designed to “manipulate” people in the emotional aftermath of 9/11.
    The subsequent war in Afghanistan that followed 9/11 was orchestrated “With the agreement of the bin Laden family, knowing fully well that he would die,” said Pieczenik. “And I think that Musharraf, the President of Pakistan, spilled the beans by accident three months ago when he said that bin Laden was dead because his kidney dialysis machines were destroyed in East Afghanistan.”
    In addition to Pieczenik, as we reported in August 2002, Alex Jones was separately told by a high level Republican source that Bin Laden was dead and that his body was being kept “on ice” until Osama’s death could be announced at the most “politically expedient” time.
    When Jones asked the source if his claim was mere speculation or whether it was actually true, the source re-iterated the fact that he was being deadly serious and that Bin Laden’s corpse was “physically on ice” waiting to be rolled out for public consumption at the most opportune moment.
    Many expected that moment to be right before the 2004 election, but after Democrats began speculating about the possibility, Republicans settled instead for a fake Osama video tape that was released on the eve of the election and, according to both George W. Bush and John Kerry, was the deciding factor in a closely-fought contest. Veteran news reader Walter Cronkite labeled the entire farce a Karl Rove-orchestrated “set-up”.
    In addition to these sources, a deluge of other heads of state as well as intelligence agency professionals have gone on record over the past nine years to state their belief that Bin Laden was likely dead, after it became clear that the Al-Qaeda leader’s health was in severe decline as a result of kidney disease at the end of 2001. These include;
    – Former CIA officer and hugely respected intelligence & foreign policy expert Robert Baer, who in 2008 when asked about Bin Laden by a radio host responded, “Of course he is dead.”
    On December 26, 2001, Fox News, citing a Pakistan Observer story, reported that the Afghan Taliban had pronounced Bin Laden dead and buried him in an unmarked grave.
    On January 18, 2002, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf announced: “I think now, frankly, he is dead.”
    On July 17, 2002, the then-head of counterterrorism at the FBI, Dale Watson, told a conference of law enforcement officials that “I personally think he [Bin Laden] is probably not with us anymore.”
    In October 2002, Afghan President Hamid Karzai told CNN that “I would come to believe that [Bin Laden] probably is dead.
    In 2003, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright told Fox News Channel analyst Morton Kondracke she suspected Bush knew the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden and was waiting for the most politically expedient moment to announce his capture.
    In November 2005, Senator Harry Reid revealed that he was told Osama may have died in the Pakistani earthquake of October that year.
    In February 2007, Professor Bruce Lawrence, head of Duke University’s Religious Studies program, stated that the purported video and audio tapes that were being released of Bin Laden were fake and that he was probably dead.
    On November 2, 2007, former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto told Al-Jazeera’s David Frost that Omar Sheikh had killed Osama Bin Laden. Shortly after she exposed Bin Laden’s 2001 death, she was assassinated.
    In March 2009, former US foreign intelligence officer and professor of international relations at Boston University Angelo Codevilla stated: “All the evidence suggests Elvis Presley is more alive today than Osama Bin Laden.”
    In May 2009, Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari confirmed that his “counterparts in the American intelligence agencies” hadn’t heard anything from Bin Laden in seven years and confirmed “I don’t think he’s alive.”
    In a way, the establishment had their hand forced in having to announce the death of someone whose shadowy existence had proven very useful to them in maintaining fear and uncertainty amongst the population of America and the world.

    The fact that the myth behind Al-Qaeda has been completely demolished and that the group, through a myriad of revelations, including Anwar Al-Alawki’s post-9/11 visit to the Pentagon, is now widely known to be a US intelligence front, perhaps now means that Al-Qaeda will be swept under the rug and a new enemy will be invented in order to legitimize the continued US military-complex domination of the globe.

    Source:    infowars.com

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