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Heart Touching Story Crossfire

When 12-year-old Palestinian Mohammed spoke of how he wanted to be a soccer champion, his black eyes flashed and he would kick an imaginary ball off to a successful goal. His mother, busy with her six other children would nod her head and say, “Yes, perhaps one day you when you are big            Read More…


Secret US-Israeli Nuke Transfers Led To Fukushima Blasts

Sixteen tons and what you get is a nuclear catastrophe. The explosions that rocked the Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant were more powerful than the combustion of hydrogen gas, as claimed by the Tokyo Electric Power Company. The actual cause of the blasts, according to intelligence sources in Washington, was nuclear fission of. warhead cores illegally taken from America’s sole         Read More…

US protesters slam support of Israel

American protesters have rallied in Washington to demand an end to the United States’ unconditional support for Israel,The protesters, who consisted mainly of young students, gathered outside           Read More…

Israel plans to uproot more Bedouins

Arab members of Israel’s Knesset (parliament) have warned of the consequences of Tel Aviv’s recent plan to force out 30,000 Arab Bedouins from their villages in Naqab desert.

“We demand the prime minister’s office to recognize these villages. If not,        Read More…

U.S. told Egypt it must rescue Israeli embassy workers or suffer ‘consequences,’ sources say

“There’s no time to waste,” Panetta reportedly told Tantawi in the 1 A.M. call, warning of a tragic outcome that “would have very severe consequences.”Officials involved in attempt to resolve mob attack on       Read More…

US scientist guilty of spying for Israel

A LEADING US space scientist has pleaded guilty to attempted espionage for selling classified material to a US undercover agent he thought was an Israeli spy, the Justice Department said. Read More…

Israel prepares for war try to reoccupy the Sinai Peninsula(Egypt)

Israel laying groundwork for such an event, high level “Israeli” officials are pointing to what they say is increasing infiltration by al-Qaida and Hamas who could launch attacks from the Sinai into “Israel.” its military forces may try to reoccupy the Sinai Peninsula in response to an Egyptian pull-back of its police, the continued sabotage of a natural gas pipeline that supplies the Jewish state with more than 40 percent of its energy, and the growing perception that the Zionist state could face attacks from there.
In a February 1982 document titled, “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties,” Oded Yinon who was a foreign policy strategist with the “Israeli” Foreign Ministry at the time raised this prospect of “Israel” reoccupying the Sinai.
This is the time for the Israeli army to prevail its control inside Sinai, Dayan told Israel s Channel 7.Dayan defended his position, saying that the operations aim would be to kill terrorists who represent a threat to Israel s security. ReadMore…
Tensions have escalated between Cairo and the Tel Aviv regime after Israeli soldiers killed several Egyptian military and security personnel on Thursday. Israeli military must “respond strongly by pursuing the terrorists and to inform the Egyptian government that we may militarily intervene in Sinai” to prevent the Israeli border from becoming a vulnerable zone for militant attacks. ReadMore…
Unfortunately for the people of Egypt, indeed Israel has been busted for spying in their nation, running complex large-scale operations to import hair care products that cause infertility and to make matters worse, Israel just slaughtered Egyptian police in a cross-border raid.According to a MENA report published on Saturday, the report showed that the deaths of Egyptian security personnel were violations due to Israeli forces entering Egyptian territory and then firing upon Egyptians and others on Egypt’s side of the border. ReadMore…
Egyptian state media reported Saturday that the government had decided to recall its envoy to Tel Aviv and later said a senior Israeli envoy was summoned by the foreign minister to receive a protest note.Ahmed Shehat became a hero to an exultant crowd of Egyptians and many more online when he hauled down the Star of David flag atop Israel’s embassy in Cairo. More than 1,000 people protested outside the Israeli embassy overnight and let off celebratory fireworks when Shehat clambered to the top floor of a high-rise housing the mission, replacing the flag with an Egyptian one ReadMore…

Unmasks US intentions

America wants to prolong its military presence in the region.Saudi royal family is very afraid because they’ve seen the Mubarak government brought down by a US-sponsored colored revolution run by Samantha Powell and Michael McDowell here from the National Security Council in the White House and they’re horrified by that.

So you could say that Saudi Arabia is in play and that’s the big strategic factor at the present time. At the beginning of June we had a very interesting op-ed here in the Washington Post by Prince Turki al-Faisal saying that if the US blocks the creation of a Palestinian state at the UN General Assembly in September there would be disastrous consequences for US Saudi relations.
The administration has made it fairly clear that it is willing to make a deal to leave behind some troops. But coaxing the fragmented and prickly Iraqi leadership into making the right choice would require subtlety, patience and high-level engagement — like that the Bush administration employed when it negotiated a strategic framework with Iraq before leaving office in 2008, or that Vice President Biden used in helping to broker an agreement on a new Iraqi government last year.

So it was startling to hear Defense Secretary Leon Panetta offer, in Baghdad, the following description of his message to Iraqi leaders: “Dammit, make a decision.”(washingtonpost)
US is looking for an excuse to expand its military operations in the troubled South and central Asian regions to secure bases near Russia and China, but economic downfall and financial burden don’t let to achieve their great-power ambitions. Al Jazeera explores the financial and human costs of the war in Afghanistan, which have gone up every year over the past five years.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the assassination of the Afghan President’s senior adviser in the capital Kabul, along with one of the country’s MPs. Local security forces say they’ve already killed the militants who carried out the attack. The murders come less than a week after Hamid Karzai’s half-brother, who ran the south of the country, was gunned down. The Taliban is stepping up its assault on Afghan officials, as NATO combat troops begin to withdraw.

Prediction of The Arab Awakening ( in 2003 ) and the Role of Aljazeera and Israel

When you look at this video please consider that it was made in 2003. This is significant especially to what we see happening in our world  today. The predictions are remarkably accurate.

View the longer version of this speech below where among other things the financial collapse was also predicted:

How right on this man is. And the Israelies were the very ones who got George WAR Bush to attack Iraq with his neo cons, Wolfowitz, Perle,Rummy, Negroponte, Rice, et al. Everyone who knows their history knows very well Israel was doing everything in its power to convince the world that Saddam would attack Israel. So he is absolutely correct on that point. And, he must be a fortune teller re: the arab spring because here we are in 2011 and we have the entire middle east overthrowing their dictators and puppets. What will happen in September when the UN must vote on a Palestinan State. What will Obama do, he will have Susan Rice vote against it….why, because he is looking after “his political legacy” he wants to go down in history as the ultimate peacemaker.

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