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Pakistani tribesmen threaten US with holy war

Hundreds of Pakistani tribesmen on Tuesday threatened the United States with holy war, lashing out at demands for action against Al-Qaeda-linked Haqqani extremists based in Pakistan.

There is growing unease in Pakistan about US pressure to take on the Haqqani network or face the consequences, with the military saying it is too             Read More…


Senator: Consider military action against Pakistan, Haqqani !

While the United States, ever more strident, is ratcheting up pressure on Pakistan to snap its “ties with the Haqqani network”, the group’s chief Sirajuddin Haqqani on Friday warned Washington against any military adventure in the North Waziristan tribal agency.The Haqqanis belong to Zadran tribe, which are mostly based in Paktia and Khost provinces of Eastern Afghanistan.Speaking to Reuters by satellite phone from an undisclosed location, Sirajuddin said he’d look forward to a US ground attack in North Waziristan. “The United States will suffer more losses [in North Waziristan] than they did in Afghanistan,” he said. ReadMore…

A Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee said Sunday that the U.S. should consider military action against Pakistan if it continues to support terrorist attacks against American troops in Afghanistan.”The         Read More…

India Wishes to Strike Pakistan Before US Exits from Afghanistan

Whereas Pakistan is the next door neighbor of landlocked Afghanistan, which is dependent upon Pakistan land routes and Karachi port for its imports and exports, Pakistan has never tried to exploit its vulnerability or to blackmail it. India, which doesn’t share                Read More…

Army can save Karachi from civil war

A collapsing civilian law enforcement apparatus, well organised warring factions and proliferation of arms — all mix up to make the ideal cocktail for a civil war. Karachi has all three ingredients.
IG Sindh has no control over four out of every 10 policemen. PPP, MQM         Read More…

US official attempts to enter Pakistan nuclear research facility

A US security official’s attempt to enter a ‘sensitive’ area of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) in Faisalabad was foiled by security agencies, who forced him to return after a heated scene Read More…

250 US officials ordered to leave Pakistan

Pakistan has sent a letter to the US Embassy in Islamabad, asking it to phase out over 250 US officials in 30 to 40 days, a private TV channel quoting sources reported Tuesday.These Americans have been involved in high level espionage and anti-state activities while hiding under their working garbs.Pakistan has also restricted movement of all foreign diplomats in the country following the unilateral Abbottabad raid by US special forces to kill CIA Asset Osama bin laden for the 4th time in the last decade.It said US Ambassador Cameron Munter is coming back to Pakistan after cutting short his holidays to deal with the emerging situation. ReadMore…
Another Blatant violation of Pakistani law, the US military officials in two vehicles entered the provincial capital without any no objection certificate (NOC) and broke police blockade on motorway toll plaza here on Sunday.Sources said that two US vehicle bearing registration number SV-754 and SV-316 were on their way to Peshawar from Islamabad when police flagged down but they sped up their vehicle to crush police personnel. However policemen narrowly escaped while both the vehicles broke the police blockade and later entered the US consulate in Peshawar. ReadMore…
A US consulate vehicle was stopped by security personnel at a checkpost in Peshawar near Khalid bin Walid Park,bulletproof Land Cruiser when they were stopped because they were carrying expired No Objection Certificates (NOC).The vehicle was also carrying two registration number plates. ReadMore…

Pakistan has recently refused permis-sion to the United States to  establish a consulate in Multan, A similar request to open a consulate in Quetta was also denied.
The authorities concerned are tight lipped. They would not like to go into details. However, it is reliably learnt that this policy formulation is unani-mous among the ruling elites. It has to do with the hyperactivities of the US intelligence operatives in Pakistan, which go at variance with the national security. Following the episode of Raymond Davis and the Geronimo Operation of May 2, it was de-cided to minimize the presence of US intelligence in Pakistan.
US intelligence operatives spent huge money drawn from Kerry Lugar bill to recruit local influential people for spying services in gross violation of international norms. ReadMore…
Pakistani authorities recently detained the USZ Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter, at Islamabad airport. Pakistani officials said they were enforcing a rule that requires all foreign diplomats to have a “No-objection Certificate” (NoC) for travelling outside Islamabad. Mr Munter was stopped at Benazir  Bhutto International Airport and was questioned about the document, while he was travelling to Karachi last week. The envoy “strongly protested” the incident, which was subsequently taken up with President Asif Ali Zardari, the Dawn newspaper reported.
Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has rejected US plea seeking permission for parking five US planes at Benazir International Airport,Head of Investigation cell Asif Bashir Chaudhry said that earlier the US planes were parked at Pakistan military airbase but after soaring of ties between both the countries the planes have been removed from the airbase.Earlier American Embassy had contacted to Aviation Wing, ministry of Interior for acquisition of NOC for the planes and offered the ministry to use the planes at time of need,The Nation reported.
The issue of US envoys’ movement in Pakistan would be settled properly and reciprocity is an option to deal with such matters.“He (Grossman) said that American diplomats are free to travel, that there are certain regulations and requirements that the Pakistani Government has informed us about, and we’ll try to figure out how to meet those. ReadMore…

Stratfor disputes OBL killing in Abbottabad

Globally recognised intelligence and forecast STRATFOR has rejected the US Central Intelligence Agency claim that the man killed in Abbottabad’s compound by US Naval SEALs was al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden. This was one of the reasons the CIA kept Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in dark.

The STRATFOR says: “The possibility that bin Laden was already dead and in terms of his impact on terrorist operations, he effectively was. That does not mean, however, that he was not an important ideological leader or that he was not someone the United States sought to capture or kill for his role in carrying out the most devastating terrorist attack in the US history.” In its latest intelligence gathering, the STRATFOR claims that
aggressive US intelligence collection efforts have come to fruition, as killing of Osama bin Laden was perhaps the top symbolic goal for the CIA and all those involved in the US covert operations. Indeed, President Obama said during his speech on May 1 that upon entering the office, he had personally instructed CIA Director Leon Panetta that killing the al-Qaeda leader was his top priority. The logistical challenges of catching a single wanted individual with Bin Laden level of resources were substantial and while 10 years, the United States was able to accomplish the objective it set out to do in October 2001.

Because of bin Laden’s communications limitations, since October 2001 when he fled Tora Bora after the US invasion of Afghanistan, he has been relegated to a largely symbolic and ideological role in al-Qaeda. Accordingly, he issued audiotapes on a little more than a yearly basis, whereas before 2007 he was able to issue videotapes.

The growing infrequency and decreasing quality of his recorded messages was the most notable when al-Qaeda did not release a message marking the anniversary of 9/11 in September 2010 but later followed up with a tape on January 21, 2011.

The bottom line is that from an operational point of view, the threat posed by al-Qaeda – and the wider jihadist movement – is no different operationally after his death.

“The killing of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden represents possibly the biggest clandestine operations success for the United States since the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in 2003,” it claimed.

The confirmation of his death is an emotional victory for the United States and could have wider effects on the geopolitics of the region, but bin Laden’s death is irrelevant for al-Qaeda and the wider jihadist movement from an operational perspective.

The operation that led to bin Laden’s death at a compound deep in Pakistan is among the most significant operational successes for the US intelligence in the past decade.

An important local source told this scribe: “If it was not the case why all the evidences leading to the confirmation of Laden’s death were eliminated. His was never subjected to postmortem. Neither the DNA was collected nor it was matched.”

Another important source conceded: “How come one of the wives of bin Laden, Hamal, who remained in the custody of Iranian Intelligence and hidden mole of US intelligence community made her way to Abbottabad. Hamal never appeared in public.”

“Hamal has deep US connections. When she traveled from Iran to Pakistan her movements were under watch and the watchers had decided Hamal to end her journey in Abbottabad”, the sources added.

Senior intelligence analysts in Islamabad argue: “A three trillion worth manhunt concluded very discreetly. Dead body of the ‘man killed” by SEALs had no media mention as was done by the US authorities in case of Iraq’s President Saddam.”

After receiving this vital information, this scribe phoned a senior Pakistani journalist in Washington DC early Thursday. He did not rule out latest findings on this subject saying: “Why the CIA was in hurry to remove all possible evidences of the bin Laden’s killing who dominated world politics for over a decade?”

The Washinton-based journalist termed the crash of US Army’s Chinook helicopter and killings of over 36 US Naval SEALs as a part of the effort to finish left over evidence which could lead to facts of May 2 US action in Abbottabad.”

The STRATFOR further states the primary threat is now posed by al-Qaeda franchise which can attempt to stage an attack in the United States or elsewhere in retribution for bin Laden’s death, but they do not have training or capabilities for high-casualty transnational attacks.

Pakistan’s former spymaster Lt Gen (r) Hamid Gul told TheNation they never challenged credence of the STRATFOR. “I agree with the latest intelligence gathering about May 2 operation’s follow up. This remains one of the reasons the CIA never informed its Pakistan counterpart ISI when it decided to kill a fake bin Laden”, he said.

Source: The Nation

US Noise Over Stealth Copter ‘Empty Posturing’

Pakistan returned wreckage, but they lost tech on 2 May

CIA’s mishandling of the operation cost the US military the loss of its expensive stealth helicopter technology. The technology was lost on May 2. The recent US complaints are without evidence and seek to put Pakistan on the spot, another move by Washington’s blame-Pakistan brigade.Head honchos at Central Intelligence Agency knew there was one way they could minimize the possibility of losing the top-secret stealth helicopter technology they planned to use in getting OBL in Pakistan in May.
Instead of misleading Pakistani military and intelligence, the CIA could come clean with its partners and nab OBL in a joint effort. This was done before while taking out several top OBL lieutenants who escaped Afghanistan to hide in dense Pakistani population centers.
Instead, the US spy service planned an elaborate charade, complete with a media trial of Pakistani military and intelligence to put the Pakistanis on the defensive after the raid. The plan was to embarrass the Pakistani military on its own turf, peddle some theories about its complicity, and hopefully extract more concessions from the confused Pakistanis.
When the CIA discovered the boys left the whole tail section of the stealth-modified helicopter intact in Abbottabad after the May 2 overnight raid, Washington sent an embarrassed senator, John Kerry, to try to sweet-talk Pakistanis into returning the wreckage and – please!- not show it to China. “[Kerry] was embarrassed. Imagine this: you double cross us, run a media trial and now you’re back because you left something important,” quipped a senior
Pakistani official in remarks to PakNationalists.com.
The official, who preferred not to named, repeated his government’s position that it could not fathom why the Americans, and especially the CIA, chose to act behind Pakistan’s back when many OBL leads came from Pakistanis.
Pakistan has a robust research and manufacturing base for civilian and military applications, including advanced weapons development. US officials knew Pakistani scientists working in military labs will never let pass the opportunity of studying a piece of the stealth-modified Blackhawk helicopter. The US special-ops team that came aboard the helicopter apparently thought it had destroyed whatever remained of the partially destroyed jet. But time and darkness played against them.
This is why Pakistani officials and industry experts are intrigued by the latest American hue and cry over parts of its stealth helicopter technology falling in Pakistani and allegedly Chinese hands.
“We returned the wreckage, but they lost [the technology] on 2 May,” said a Pakistani official, who closely monitors relations between Islamabad and Washington. “They lied to us. They planned it in a way to use our intelligence to catch OBL and then blackmail us and then demonize our intelligence and military,” the official told PakNationalists.com.
This official denied the Pakistani government allowed China access to the wreckage, which was returned to the United States after Kerry’s visit in May.
Stealth technology is compromised the minute it falls into outside hands. That is what happened on May 2. The latest US complaints, which are essentially made up of CIA leaks to some American and British news outlets, appear to be more of empty posturing than anything else, an opportunity for the US government to vent its anger at losing the technology and exercising its favorite pastime in the Afghan conflict: Blaming Pakistan.
The essential point here is this: The US government has mortgaged its Pakistan and Afghanistan policies to CIA. The expensive stealth helicopter technology was handed over to CIA for the get-OBL mission. The CIA could work jointly with its Pakistani counterparts to accomplish the mission. But the agency, hungry for successes after messing up the Afghan mission, chose to work behind the Pakistanis. In the process, the CIA’s miscalculation resulted in outing a technology that is supposed to be secret to be effective. Which it is no longer, partially.

Such cooperation with China would be provocative, providing further evidence of the depths of Pakistan’s anger over the Bin Laden raid, which was carried out without Pakistan’s approval. The operation, conducted in early May, also set off an escalating tit-for-tat scuffle between American and Pakistani spies.American officials cautioned that they did not yet have definitive proof that the Chinese were allowed to visit to Abbottabad. They said that Pakistani officials had denied that they showed the advanced helicopter technology to other foreign governments. One military official said Sunday that Pakistani officials had been directly confronted about the American intelligence. NytimesReadMore…

Army rejects report on China’s access to OBL copter.He expressed surprise at the extent of ‘kite flying’ some section of the foreign press was indulging in. ReadMore…

There are also growing frustrations with Pakistan over its reluctance to mount offensives against militant factions in the northwest who are fighting US-led foreign forces across the border in Afghanistan.In a show of displeasure over Pakistan’s cutback in US trainers, its limits on visas for US personnel and other bilateral irritants, the United States recently suspended about a third of its $2.7 billion annual defense aid to Pakistan. ReadMore…

The People’s Republic of China seems to be hunting not only for Soviet technologies, but also for the technological achievements of Moscow’s former Cold War rival – the USA. It is alleged that Pakistan let Chinese military engineers examine the wreckage of a top-secret US stealth helicopter that crashed during the raid while resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden, reported The New York Times, citing American officials and other intelligence sources. ReadMore…

US wants ‘pay-for-performance’ ties.The United States is moving towards a ‘pay-for-performance’ relationship with Pakistan, linking its security aid to whether Islamabad shows progress to combat the Al-Qaeda and its militant allies,The classified system was put in place after the secret US military raid that killed Al-Qaeda chief OBL at his Abbottabad hideout, Wall Street Journal. ReadMore…

ISI officer led US to bin Laden?

WASHINGTON/LONDON (Agencies): An expert in national security is challenging the details of the raid that took down the world’s top terror leader in an explosive report.

RJ Hillhouse, a former rum and jewel smuggler, cites sources that contend it was a Pakistani intelligence officer who came forward to US authorities. The officer said he had knowledge of Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts, and was interested in cutting a deal.

This would dispute the widely published reports that a courier working for bin Laden was the catalyst for the famous Navy SEAL Team Six mission. “Forget the cover story of waterboarding-leads-to-courier-leads-to bin Laden, Hillhouse writes, referring to the New York Times analysis of the raid.

The agreement included the roughly $25million reward offered by the State Department for information leading to the al-Qaeda leader. The State Department said it would not comment on Ms Hillhouse’s blog. The unknown officer also wished to secure American citizenship for his family, Ms Hillhouse writes. The officer allegedly told US officials the Saudis were paying off Pakistan and their intelligence agency (ISI) to keep bin Laden hidden in the Abbottabad compound, The Daily Mail reported. His information, Ms Hillhouse claims, led to the intelligence gathering that brought the CIA to Abbottabad, Pakistan, where bin Laden had been living.

It has been reported that President Obama sought four helicopters to cover the SEALs as they headed out of Pakistan, but were not needed because Pakistani authorities were unaware that the Americans had even entered their airspace.

But Millhouse claims the Pakistani military, as well as the ISI, not only knew about the American raid, but also cooperated. Millhouse asserts that the ‘CIA and friends’ approached the chiefs of the Pakistani military and the ISI “with a deal they couldn’t refuse: they would double what the Saudis were paying them to keep bin Laden if they cooperated with the US. Or they could refuse the deal and live with the consequences: the Saudis would stop paying and there would be the international embarrassment”.

“The ISI and Pakistani military were cooperating with the US on the raid. The cooperation was why there were no troops in Abottabad. They were all pulled out. It had always seemed very far-fetched to me that a helicopter could crash and later destroyed in an area with such high military concentration without the Pakistanis noticing.

But then it seemed even wilder to believe that a US Navy SEAL (DEVGRU) actually shot a woman who rushed them in the leg. Yeah, right. I know these guys. The only way they’ll shoot a woman in the leg is if they are double tapping a head or chest and that leg got in the way. DEVGRU shoots to kill.”

She continues: “The cover story was going to be a drone strike in Pakistan. Things went south when the helicopter crashed. The White House freaked and the cooperating Pakistanis were thrown under the bus.

Although the White House really pissed off the intel and DEVGRU guys with their knee-jerk reaction that tossed the Pakistanis under the proverbial bus, ironically it did have the same outcome as the original CIA cover story: the way they were treated, no one believes Generals Kiyani and Pasha were cooperating with the US.”

According to the profile given at her blog, Dr Hillhouse is a former professor and Fulbright fellow, who earned her PhD in political science at the University of Michigan. Her latest novel, OUTSOURCED (Forge Books) is about the turf wars between the Pentagon and the CIA and the privatization of national security.

“She has run Cuban rum between East and West Berlin, smuggled jewels from the Soviet Union and slipped through some of the world’s tightest borders. From Uzbekistan to Romania, she’s been followed, held at gunpoint and interrogated. Foreign governments and others have pitched her for recruitment as a spy. (They failed.)” Source www.TheSpyWhoBilledMe.com

 The theory, if true, would explain how American black hawk helicopters were then able to fly deep into Pakistan territory in May without encountering resistance.
The plan only unravelled when one of the helicopters crash-landed, blowing the cover story.
“The co-operation was why there were no troops in Abottabad,” writes Dr Hillhouse. “It had always seemed very far-fetched to me that a helicopter could crash and later be destroyed in an area with such high military concentration without the Pakistanis noticing.” In the immediate aftermath of the raid, some residents of Abbottabad, where bin Laden had lived for five years, said they had received mysterious visits a night earlier warning them to stay inside with their lights off.
However, a senior Pakistani security official denied that the ISI had sheltered bin Laden.
“We don’t use toilet paper – we wash,” he said. “But toilet paper is all this theory is good for.”
A spokesman for the US department of defense said: “We have no additional operational details, or comments on operational details, to make at this time.” Source www.telegraph.co.uk

Comment: Rj Hillhouse wrote that ISI and Army knew about the American Raid while contradict her own statement that ISI officer leak information led US to bin Laden for money and Visa.Nothing but Attempt to malign ISI and Pak Army.

Pakistan optimistic China to replace US as world power

An international survey forecast that China either will replace or already has replaced UnitedState as the world’s superpower, state media said.The majority of those surveyed in developing economies, such as Pakistan, Mexico and China, are optimistic that China will replace the United States as the world’s dominant power.That sentiment is also largely shared in Western Europe countries, such as France, Spain, Britain and Germany, all of which report percentages of more than 60 percent seeing China overtaking the US with the highest in France at 72 percent. Readmore…
Pakistan Courts China as US Announces Military Aid Cuts
US is withdrawing some $800 million in military aid from Pakistan looks to do more serious harm to US-Pakistani relations, but if administration officials expected the “rebuke” to be met with an act of contrition from
the Pakistani military, they were mistaken. Readmore…
China builds Pakistan’s case for NSG membership
China is learnt to have questioned India’s membership proposal before the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) on grounds that an exception should not be made for just one country. In a clear attempt to build a case for Pakistan too, China has told the 46-member grouping that all potential candidates must be considered for membership, reported Indian Express  Readmore…
China praises Pakistan, downplaying risk of rift
Ma Zhaoxu, said his government stood by Pakistan, in comments apparently intended to quash any notion of a rift over the attack in Xinjiang, where members of the Uighur minority have protested against Beijing’s control and the Han Chinese presence.“Pakistan is an important front in the international fight against terrorism, and has made an outstanding contribution to battling terrorism,” Ma said in a statement on the ministry’s website (www.mfa.gov.cn).  Readmore…
ISI chief on secret China visit as US ties take a blowISI chief Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha has embarked on a secret visit to China that is being seen as part of Pakistan’s efforts to reduce its dependence on the US in the wake of strained military and intelligence ties.Lt Gen Arshad undertook a week-long trip to Beijing last month to discuss what officials in Islamabad described as “the option of a strategic dialogue” between Pakistan and China on the pattern of the Pakistan-US engagement  Readmore…
China to give squadron of advanced fighter aircraft to Pakistan
Taking bilateral defence relations to a new high, China will give Pakistan a squadron of the advanced J-10B fighter aircraft.The J-10B fighters are equipped with the latest weapons and Pakistan will be the first country, after China, to have these advanced aircraft. Readmore…
ISI chief asked US to stop drone strikes
After years of pussyfooting, Pakistan has finally asked the United States to stop the CIA-run unmanned air strikes into its tribal areas.
According to diplomatic sources, Mr Pasha told acting CIA Director Michael J. Morell that the raids had become a major source of embarrassment for the Pakistani government as it was blamed for failing to stop a foreign power from killing its own citizens. Readmore…
US ducks question on ending drone attacksA White House spokesman has sidestepped a question about the stirring call from a former American intelligence chief for an immediate halt to the drone attacks inside the Pakistani soil, saying the US makes “no apologies” to go after terrorists.  Readmore…
Timing of US drone strike questioned
The American ambassador to Islamabad phoned Washington with an urgent plea: Stop an imminent CIA drone strike against militants on the Pakistani side of the Afghan border.Pakistan’s army chief, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, said the jirga “was carelessly and callously targeted with complete disregard to human life.”The former aide said the strike reflected the CIA’s anger at the ISI, which it blamed for keeping Davis in prison for seven weeks.”It was in retaliation for Davis,” the aide said. “The CIA was angry.”  Readmore…
Under fire from afar: Harrowing exhibition reveals damage done by drones in Pakistan

If you want to understand the impact of the “war on terror” on America’s ally, Pakistan, look no further than Noor Behram’s photographs which show, he says, collateral damage as a result of US drone strikes in the tribal area. Readmore… 
Lawsuit against Pakistan intel agency could be disastrousThe Consequences of this judicial inquiry have the potential to be disastrous.The intrusion of these actions into the politics of Pakistan will fuel violence and extremism, directed against the government the US intends to support.  Readmore…
Another CIA chief flees PakistanCIA chief in Pakistan pulls out after clashes.The station chief was evacuated for “medical reasons” a fortnight ago. But an official familiar with CIA-ISI relations told The Independent that the US’s top clandestine officer was due to be replaced in September, after just 10 months on the job. The illness, the official added, merely “expedited” his recall. The station chief will not be returning to Pakistan.The CIA’s Islamabad station chief, who oversaw the intelligence team that uncovered Osama bin Laden’s hideout, has left Pakistan.American television, citing US and Pakistani officials, said the officer who headed one of the Central Intelligence Agency’s most sensitive positions worldwide was not expected to return. Readmore…  OR  Readmore…
US stresses Pak role in Afghan peace planThe United States was not contemplating any reconciliation process in Afghanistan without the active engagement of Pakistan, said Marc Grossman, US special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan.“The US does not foresee any reconciliation in Afghanistan without Pakistan,” the US envoy said.  Readmore…
Blinded by its military might, the US for a long while insisted on reaching a solution through the use of force, and when experienced setbacks after setbacks conceded only to talk to what Mr Lodin called “foot soldiers” and failing again it came round to contacting the top leaders of the Taliban hierarchy.Strangely, in this exercise for a ‘safe exit’, the Obama administration has failed to appreciate the key input Pakistan is making in the war on terror and has been working against its interests. And the pleas of their own man on the spot, Ambassador Munter, for stopping drone attacks have been turned down by the CIA, which apparently had the power to overrule any suggestion in this matter. In the final analysis, the groundswell of anti-Americanism existing in the country gets reinforced. While on the one hand, it wants to pursue a policy of reconciliation, on the other it persists in indulging in acts that provoke tribesmen’s sympathy for the Afghan resistance and provides new recruits to its cause. The dual-track policy is counterproductive.

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