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The US Objectives Set For Pakistan

Although the US has failed to win war in Afghanistan, it has succeeded in achieving most objectives it had chalked out in September 2001 against Pakistan through covert war. As against the advice of India, the US desisted from applying direct strategy due to Pakistan’s nuclear capability. The US and its strategic partners therefore embarked upon a well-thought plan to gradually weaken Pakistan and its institutions politically, socially, economically and militarily to such an extent that it becomes powerless and either voluntarily hands over the keys of its nuclear arsenal in return for aid for its survival or else it
becomes so paralytic that it is unable to respond when nuclear arsenal is physically struck. Besides denuclearization, other major objectives were to make Pakistan forget about Kashmir and to accept India’s hegemony. Progress so far made by adversaries of Pakistan is listed as under:

  •     Weight of the war on terror has been craftily shifted from Afghanistan to Pakistan.
  •     The people of northwestern tribal belt that were always regarded as our assets and had guarded our western border without any assistance from armed forces have turned hostile and a segment among them in its misplaced belief of establishing a caliphate is towing the agenda of adversaries of Pakistan.
  •     The western border that had become safe from 1989 onwards during the Mujahideen rule followed by Taliban rule in Kabul has once again become unsafe and has assumed dangerous proportions due to presence of US-NATO forces in Afghanistan and their mounting aggressiveness.
  •     Peaceful and docile Balochistan is up in arms and rebellious Baloch nationalists are demanding independent Balochistan. Non-locals have migrated in huge numbers.
  •     Indian influence in Afghanistan that had vanished during Taliban rule has returned to haunt Pakistan. The US is striving to make India a key country in the region after its departure from Afghanistan. Indian and Israeli presence in Afghanistan has posed a two-front threat to Pakistan’s security.
  •     Volatile forces are active in whole of FATA, several parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan. Sindh is also restive and Karachi has become a killing field for target killers while southern Punjab is fast falling into the loop of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan.
  •     CIA, FBI, MI-6, agents have made deep inroads in government departments, legal fraternity and media while RAW and Blackwater have established networks in all the troubled regions of Pakistan. RAW’s involvement in Gilgit and CIA’s penetration within armed forces are latest revelations.
  •     Under a planned strategy, India has been given a go-ahead to construct large number of dams on all the rivers flowing into Pakistan to create acute water scarcity in Pakistan and make it dependent upon India. Water strategy will be applied by India to solve Kashmir dispute on Indian terms.
  •     Kashmir is almost a lost cause and talks are at best confined to confidence building measures only. Arrest of Kashmiri leader Ghulam Nabi Fai in USA is aimed at breaking the unarmed resistance movement of Kashmiris seeking right of self determination.
  •     A large part of Pakistan’s Army, paramilitary forces and police have got deeply embroiled in fighting its own people on own soil with little hope of extrication in near future.
  •     While precious military resources of Pak Army are being wasted out in futile war on terror, Indian military conventional and nuclear capabilities have been vastly upgraded to outclass Pakistan’s military capability and also weaken its nuclear deterrence value.
  •     Application of indirect strategy by our adversaries to weaken Pakistan from within has rendered our nuclear deterrence redundant.
  •     Pakistan has been gifted with NRO cleansed leaders who are totally subservient to the wishes of Washington.
  •     The US administration has tightened its iron grip over the ruling regime to an extent that it treats Pakistan as its 51st state.
  •     The rulers have on several occasions declared that Pakistan faces no threat from India. This change of mindset in respect of archrival which yearns to put Pakistan in the shredding machine is a drastic transformation which the US could only do.
  •     Pakistan is US ally and is not at war with USA but is being subjected to drone attacks, threats, covert war and negative propaganda which have fuelled extremism, terrorism and anti-Americanism.
  •     Pro-American elements enjoying strong influence in Pakistan and foreign funded NGOs are giving a helping hand to USA in achieving its objectives. The US funded print and electronic media persons are providing full assistance to Indo-US-Western media onslaught to harm the reputation of Army and ISI.
  •     The premier institutions of Army and ISI are under intense pressure due to their dual responsibility of guarding the frontiers and dealing with foreign inspired internal threat and at the same time facing the brunt of Indo-US-western propaganda campaign. Full blasted efforts are in hand to declare ISI as a rogue outfit, weaken the trunk of the Army and to spoil civil-military relations.
  •     Higher education has been secularized and private English medium schools and colleges of repute funded by the west are promoting western values and undermining Islamic values. Promotion of unethical gay and lesbian culture by US Embassy in Islamabad is one example of cultural invasion to pollute Islamic values.
  •     Madaris and mosques, the two basic institutions of Islam are being systematically weakened to contaminate morals and Islamic values.
  •     Islamic-secular divide has been sharpened and so is the religious divide as in the case of antagonism between Deobandis and Barelvis. Mosques, shrines and places of worship are targeted by foreign agents to defame Islam and to discourage people from religion.
  •     Pakistan economy has become dependent upon US controlled IMF thereby impacting the dignity, honor and sovereignty of the nation.
  •     Pakistan is politically polarized and webbed in curses of provincialism, ethnicity and sectarianism.
  •     Rampant corruption which is eating into the vitals of the nation together with plunder of national wealth by US selected rulers has reduced the country to a carcass.

Amidst the murky environment in which everything looks depressing, the redeeming features are that the higher judiciary has become an effective restraining body to checkmate unbridled wrongdoings of the rulers and elites and is doing its best despite huge constraints to maintain some semblance of rule of law.
The civil society and the youth have got activated and are deeply concerned with the malaise afflicting the society due to visionless, corrupt, effete and inefficient ruling class and are keen to get rid of status quo and bring a healthy change. Tehrik-e-Insaf under Imran Khan has emerged as a new political force in urban areas.

Love for Islam has increased rather than decreased and mosques remain filled with worshippers.

Armed forces are resolutely confronting the internal and external challenges. Armed forces are focused on defeating the nefarious designs of Pakistan’s adversaries and on protecting the honor, dignity and sovereignty of the country at all costs.
The Army has gained a decisive edge over all insurgents in Swat region and in FATA, and rebels in Balochistan are being effectively dealt by the paramilitary forces.
Raymond Davis and 02 May incidents were shocking but in a way proved to be blessings in disguise. It helped our military in getting out of the magic spell of USA and is no more taking western border for granted. The heads of three services and ISI are now alive to the reality that the US pretending as Pakistan’s friend and well-wisher is in actuality working on an agenda to denuclearize and balkanize Pakistan so as to make India the unchallenged power of South Asia.
Instead of wasting time and effort in convincing Hussein Haqqani and Rahman Malik to take steps to roll back the American intrusion into Pakistan’s domestic affairs, both Gen Kayani and Lt Gen Pasha have undertaken emergency measures to block CIA’s perverse influence which has spread like wild weeds all over the country. Undesirable undercover CIA operatives and trainers have already been sent home and others are being pushed out. Three US military intelligence liaison centers in Peshawar and Quetta have been closed. CIA’s Station Chief Jonathan Banks and now his successor Mark Carlton coordinating clandestine network have departed.
Several CIA informants who helped CIA and US Navy Seals in conducting helicopter assault in Abbottabad have been detained for interrogation and are not released despite US mounting pressure. At the same time a close watch is being kept on MI-6 inspired members of Hizbul Tahrir and their efforts to create divisions within forces.
To accuse that Gen Pasha has sanctified 87 visas for Americans on his last visit to USA is fallacious since he has nothing to do with issuance of visas. The ISI gives the security clearance only, and this practice which had been discontinued on express wish of Haqqani has been reintroduced. All Americans coming to Pakistan will not come under fake identities, but will give full details of their background and employment for the information of ISI. No American can now travel from one city to the other without the knowledge and clearance of ISI.
ISPR and patriotic elements have done well in minimizing programmed efforts of bad hats in media to undermine civil-military relations by confronting their negative propaganda.
It is heartening to note that our nuclear and missile assets under Strategic Force Command are in secure hands and these have been made more potent. All the contingencies plans made by Indo-US-Israeli nexus to snatch-and-grab our nukes are wishful paper exercises and far from reality.
Kashmir cause is very much alive and Kashmiris as well as Pakistan are sticking to the principle of right of self determination to settle the chronic dispute which has bred extremism and instability in the region. India has been unable to pullout a single soldier out of its over 700,000 troops deployed in occupied Kashmir.
India has resumed dialogue with Pakistan on equal terms and not on its dictated terms.
Afghan Taliban have avenged the death of OBL by downing US Chinook helicopter carrying 31 US soldiers including 25 US Navy SEALs who had conducted Abbottabad operation. It will hasten drawdown of troops from Afghanistan.

by Asif Haroon RajaAsif Haron is a retired Brig and author of several books and a defence analyst. Email:asifharoon7751@yahoo.com


Secret Pentagon Afghanistan talks stay for decades.Obama Raj.

Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, recently said Washington did not want any “permanent” bases in Afghanistan.American and Afghan officials are locked in increasingly acrimonious secret talks about a long-term security agreement which is likely to see US troops, spies and air power based in
the troubled country for decades. 
Russia, China and India concerned about ‘strategic partnership’ in which Americans would remain after 2014.Russia has already urged U.S to remove its military bases from Central Asian countries since the military action in Afghanistan is over.but the US secret  agenda is to stay in Afghanistan for indefinitely to push forward their real agenda.
Taliban says it proved the “colonialist motives of America” in the ongoing occupation. Zabiullah Mujahid, Taliban leader Mullah Omar’s spokesperson, in an e-mail exchange with Rediff.com, said the Afghan Taliban would never fall into a trap that aims to prolong the United States-led International Security Force’s stay in Afghanistan.U.S. had a three point agenda for the Afghanistan. One, they would use the Afghani against the Iran. Two, they would like to pressurize them to arrange shelter and training camps to the rebels of Shin kiang in Afghanistan. And three, the American wanted to exploit their resources and fourth, construct a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan through Afghanistan.
Northern Alliance was in fact engaged in training a number of youth for infiltration and carrying out subversion activities in Xinjiang to blame eventually Taliban and Pakistani mujahideen. The training was being provided by the Indian intelligence agency RAW and their Israeli counterpart Mossad. Some Americans posing as foreign journalists  tried to convince its head Moulana Sami-ul-Haq, to lend its support to raise his voice against ‘Chinese repression’ in Xinjiang.But all U.S, Israeli and Indian efforts to involve any Islamic group of Pakistan against China so far failed.
There are at least five bases in Afghanistan which are likely candidates to house large contingents of American special forces, intelligence operatives, surveillance equipment and military hardware post-2014. In the heart of one of the most unstable regions in the world and close to the borders of Pakistan, Iran and China, as well as to central Asia and the Persian Gulf, the bases would be rare strategic assets.
News of the US-Afghan talks has sparked deep concern among powers in the region and beyond. Russia and India are understood to have made their concerns about a long-term US presence known to both Washington and Kabul. China, which has pursued a policy of strict non-intervention beyond economic affairs in Afghanistan, has also made its disquiet clear. During a recent visit, senior Pakistani officials were reported to have tried to convince their Afghan counterparts to look to China as a strategic partner, not the US.
American negotiators will arrive later this month in Kabul for a new round of talks. The Afghans rejected the Americans’ first draft of a strategic partnership agreement in its entirety, preferring to draft their own proposal. This was submitted to Washington two weeks ago.

The Afghan Taliban, while rejecting Karzai’s announcement of a Shura (council) for talks, has announced its ten-point agenda:

In his e-mail Zabiullah Mujahid said, “Islami Amarat (the Pakistan Taliban)
itself is striving for peace in Afghanistan. The Taliban considers peace as a basic human right, but the Taliban has objections over this offer, which is a ploy to deviate the world’s attention from Afghanistan where the American-led foreign forces have almost lost their war against the mujahideen.”

  • Peace is the cry of the day. Every Afghan citizen wants to live in peace, which is a basic human right. But for the peace process, a viable plan should be adopted. This plan is only profitable for the Americans. 
  • First, there should be positive steps. The common people must realise that the Afghan environment is turning peaceful. Announcing a Shura list is nothing more than lip service.
  • For a peace process such people should be brought forward who were never involved in the killing of innocent Afghanis. Peace-loving people should be included in the Shura; those who never served foreigners interests; and those who are known as righteous amongst the masses.
  • 150,000 foreign forces are deployed in Afghanistan. They are killing innocent Afghans on daily basis. The Karzai government seems helpless and cannot make decisions on its own regarding minor issues. So how we can believe in such a big offer from a puppet regime? Could Karzai independently make any decision?
  • This announcement from Karzai is nothing else but a ploy to hide the defeat of the Americans. And also to prolong the Afghanistan’s occupation by NATO forces.
  • Through this plan Americans want to get the support of the Afghan masses and other nations.
  • This announcement is an attempt by the Americans to get the mujahideen to lay down their arms.
  • Americans want to deviate attention from the Afghan Taliban’s aim and demand, which is the establishment of a true Islamic Shariah in Afghanistan. The time is near when the Americans would run from the country and the Taliban would emerge as the real Islamic State.
  • The Taliban asks when the Americans entered Afghanistan in 2001, why did they not feel the need for a council? Now the announcement of a long list of brokers for talks shows that the foreign forces could not win this war. It is too late now; the Taliban would never become a part of such a plan.
  • Finally, Amarat Islami rejects all such offers by the Americans as it is a plan to stay longer in Afghanistan. Their extended stay will prolong the dark period of their occupation, which is full of violence, torture and injustice. So, the mujahideen will continue their jihad until the withdrawal of foreign forces.


Source: the Guardian&ridiff

Unthinkable; Bio-Attack On Germany!Is this what Merkel fears could happen in Germany?

American President Obama has been ‘ordered’ to appear (11 June) before a ‘selected panel’ of banking and bio-warfare experts assembled at the 2011 Bilderberg meeting of the uber-powerful global elite being held in St. Moritz, Switzerland.Obama has agreed to this extraordinary meeting and has cancelled all of his previously scheduled activities under the guise of his going with his family to the US Naval Intelligence run Maryland Presidential retreat known as Camp David. Instead of his
remaining with his family at Camp David, however, this report states Obama will board the US Air Force E-4B aircraft known as “The Doomsday Plane” for his secretive trip to St. Moritz.

Though the leaked agenda of the secretive Bilderberg Group shows them calling for a larger Middle East war between the West and Arab nations holding

vast oil and gas reserves, this report states that Obama was summoned to meet them due to the growing fears that the United States is preparing to break all contact with the European Union banking system and that the US has launched a ‘deliberate and calculated’ bio-attack on Germany for not participating in the Libyan war.
Even though German Defence Minister Thomas de Maiziere stated his nation may send troops to Libya when the war ends, outgoing US Defense Chief Robert Gates warned yesterday that America’s NATO military alliance with Europe — the cornerstone of US security policy for six decades — faces a “dim, if not dismal” future.

Germany’s allegations that the US is behind the deadly E.coli outbreak that has killed 30 (29 in Germany, 1 in Sweden) and left ill over 3,000 (700 of whom are warned may be near death) appears to be valid, this report says, based on the DNA analysis of this deadly disease conducted by the Beijing Genome Center.
According to Chinese researchers, the reported strain of this disease found in Germany was not the same E. coli that contaminated the spinach, known as O157:H7. In fact, it was an entirely different strain, called O104:H4 that had never been associated with epidemics before. A search of the medical literature for reports of this new European strain could find only a handful of people who had carried it, and none of them got sick. But “somehow” this obscure microbe had turned vicious, triggering one of the biggest E. coli epidemics in history.
Even worse, these researchers say, is that the new E.coli strain found in Germany has acquired new genes making it immune to all known antibiotics that some say could only have been bio-engineered in a laboratory.
Curious to note is that German authorities who first blamed this outbreak on Spanish cucumbers (which devastated that EU nations fresh produce farmers), are reporting today it was definitely caused by bean-sprouts, but when they admit have, so far, failed to test positively for any trace of this disease.
Interesting to note, however, is that the editor of the US based Natural Health News website, Mike Adams, concurs with the Chinese researchers saying this disease was bio-engineered and has further noted in his report titled Forensic evidence emerges that European e.coli superbug was bioengineered to produce human fatalities” that:
“This particular E.coli variation is a member of the O104 strain, and O104 strains are almost never (normally) resistant to antibiotics. In order for them to acquire this resistance, they must be repeatedly exposed to antibiotics in order to provide the “mutation pressure” that nudges them toward complete drug immunity.
So how, exactly, does a bacterial strain come into existence that’s resistant to over a dozen antibiotics in eight different drug classes and features two deadly gene mutations plus ESBL enzyme capabilities?
There’s really only one way this happens (and only one way) — you have to expose this strain of e.coli to all eight classes of antibiotics drugs. Usually this isn’t done at the same time, of course: You first expose it to penicillin and find the surviving colonies which are resistant to penicillin. You then take those surviving colonies and expose them to tetracycline. The surviving colonies are now resistant to both penicillin and tetracycline. You then expose them to a sulfa drug and collect the surviving colonies from that, and so on. It is a process of genetic selection done in a laboratory with a desired outcome. This is essentially how some bioweapons are engineered by the U.S. Army in its laboratory facility in Ft. Detrick, Maryland.”
Fueling the Bilderberg Group’s fears even more,is that the Obama regime may be preparing for a larger genocidal war on a global scale in order to preserve their hegemony over the world while at the same time their economy nears total and complete collapse. new reports have been emerging this past week that aside from the Obama regime’s planned Total Mideast War, they are actively planning for wars between China and Vietnam over who will control the South China Sea, and between China and India.
To understand how dire the situation in the United States.

The Obama regimes feared response to it, one need only realize that even if the American government taxed its citizens and businesses 100% of what they earned there would still not be enough to pay off their massive debt that China now reports the US has begun defaulting on.
With unemployment and house price levels now outstripping that of the Great Depression the United States Central Bank (Federal Reserve) is, also, said now helpless to help as all it has remaining is a balance of $52.5 billion of capital backing a staggering $2.7 trillion balance sheet.
As this new US financial crisis looms, that many experts warn will rival that of the Great 2008 Collapse, top Clinton strategist James Carville warned Obama this past week that civil unrest in the US is ‘imminently possible’, a call the American leader heeded by allowing his regimes support of new UN measures to strip his citizens of all their guns. regime has expanded their secret police forces to levels unknown in modern history, and by all accounts has begun to unleash them against any American he deems a threat.
To what the future holds for America, and has been confirmed by their bio-attack on Germany, can be gleaned from the recent comments of top Obama regime advisor and Nobel Prize winning New York Times columnist and economics expert Paul Krugman, who said:
“From an economic point of view World War II was, above all, a burst of deficit-financed government spending, on a scale that would never have been approved otherwise. Over the course of the war the federal government borrowed an amount equal to roughly twice the value of G.D.P. in 1940 as the equivalent of roughly $30 trillion today.…this slump can be cured. All it will take is a little bit of intellectual clarity, and a lot of political will.”
Intellectual clarity and political will to start World War III? Can anyone ever again call these Americans sane? 

    America Launch Chemical Warfare Attacks on Pakistan

    US Drone Rockets Contaminated With Deadly Chemical

    – Contain Toxic Agents

    US Drones Launch Chemical Attacks on Innocent Pakistani Civilians

    US Drones Launch Chemical Attacks on Innocent Pakistani Civilians Pakistani physicians and experts reported that the US uses chemical munitions in its drone attacks on the country’s civilians. Given the fact that the Pakistani civilians who have come under the US drone attacks have been afflicted with different skin, optic and respiratory diseases, it can be concluded that Washington is using chemical weapons in its attacks in Pakistan, the physicians said.“Since the missiles launched by the US drones contain dangerous chemical substances, a large number of the injured people in these attacks cannot be declared as dead or alive since they have been afflicted with complicated diseases due to the deadly chemical materials used in the missiles,” a Pakistani physician, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told FNA.(pakistantime.net)

    Should war crimes invariably committed by the state be in the same category as ‘terrorism’ invariably linked to insurgent groups or renegade states? And is it the case that the world’s sole superpower is the only one that has the political, legal and moral authority to define war crimes and terrorism, while exempting itself by silently invoking the doctrine of American Exceptionalism?

    Wikileaks has now uncovered documents from 2002 to 2008, revealing that the Bush
    administration’s ‘War on Terror'” was itself a terrorist campaign at several levels. In addition to human rights violations of foreign nationals, the civil liberties of US citizens suffered in the process because government operated as a police state.

    Documented cases of allegations against US for war crimes (state-sponsored terrorism):

    1. 1902: Lodge Senate Investigating Committee of US war crimes in the war against Philippines

    2. 1943: Canicatti and Biscari massacres – US troops massacred Italian civilians in Biscari, Italy and German and Italian war prisoners in Biscari, but no one was ever charged. General George Patton dismissed the massacres of dozens of people as exaggerations.

    3. 1945: Dachau massacre – US troops killed German prisoners of war. General Patton dismissed the charges.

    4. The Pentagon’s Vietnam War Crimes Working Group Files confirm US war 320 separate cases of war crimes, excluding My Lai Massacre of 350 unarmed men, children and women, that US Army documented.A single conviction came out of that era.

    5. Agent Orange – French-based International Tribunal of Conscience in Support of the Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange violated the Hague Convention of 1907, Geneva Conventions of 1927 and 1949.

    No one was ever held accountable. The US District Court of Brooklyn dismissed a law suit in the case in 2005 on the basis that: “No treaty or agreement, express or implied, of the United States, operated to make use of herbicides in Vietnam a violation of the laws of war or any other form of international law until at the earliest April of 1975.” The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals later ruled that “Agent Orange and similar U.S. herbicides cannot be considered poisons banned under international rules of war.”

    6. NATO bombing of Yugoslavia: 1999 – 400-1000 civilians killed in deliberate targeting of civilians and infrastructure. No one prosecuted.

    7. 2002: War on Terror – A presidential memorandum gave the right to interrogators to deny prisoners basic protections as stipulated by the Geneva Convention, thereby permitting violations resulting in war crimes. On that basis, US personnel carried out torture of prisoners that the US classified as ‘unlawful combatants’, thus circumventing Geneva Convention rules. US Justice Department redefined the law to allow for war crimes to be committed and at the same time not be held accountable.

    8. 2006: Human Rights Watch charged that Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld was criminally liable for his involvement in the abuse of a Guantanamo detainee. In November 2006, legal proceedings went ahead in Germany against Rumsfeld, CIA Director George Tenet, and a number of other Bush administration officials. The Military Commissions Act of 2006, however, provided amnesty for war crimes for they were carried out against the War on Terror. Both Tony Blair and George Bush were accused before the International Criminal Court for war crimes in Iraq, but the US has not signed the treaty that would have given jurisdiction to ICC. The UN Security Council could have charged Bush and Blair for well known crimes in Iraq, but US has veto power.

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