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Child Hunger in Afghanistan Among Worst in the World-World Bank

Children in Afghanistan suffer one of the highest levels of chronic malnutrition in the world, according to a report released Monday despite billions of dollars in aid that have poured into the war-torn country by the World Bank and the government.

More than half of Afghan children under the age of five go hungry, the report said, despite billions of dollars in aid that has come into the country over the years. But allegations of corruption within the Western-backed government of President Hamid Karzai are widespread.

“But the analysis in this report shows that poverty and food insecurity rates are actually higher in the more peaceful provinces,” she said, pressing for better targeting of aid to ensure it reaches the poorest people.”It is shocking to learn that children are amongst the most vulnerable segment of the Afghan population, and their lives that could be saved are at risk,” said Economy Minister Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal.

Starvation of children is only one measure of the savage, unnecessary U.S. war in Afghanistan. Last month, Amnesty International found that an average of four hundred people are displaced in every day in Afghanistan, bringing the total displaced population to approximately 500,000.

Amnesty Afghanistan researcher Horia Mosadiq said: “Thousands of people are finding themselves living in freezing, cramped conditions and on the brink of starvation, while the Afghan government is not only looking the other way but even preventing help from reaching them.”


Advocate Elizabeth hit by a rubber bullet for protesting against Imperialism

Advocate Elizabeth; hit by a rubber bullet. Thousands of peaceful innocents have been hit by these bullets fired by Police.

Why our (US) children’s future no longer looks so bright

Aspecter haunts America: downward mobility. Every generation, we believe, should live better than its predecessor. By and large, Americans still embrace that promise. A Pew survey earlier this year found that 48 percent          Read More…

Obama What are you doing? What are you saying? Where do you stand?

Remind us again how the U.S. is different from Mubarak’s Egypt, or from Syria, or from the crumbling Troika running Greece? And how, after all is it the same?
Police are firing into the unarmed crowds — aiming their projectiles at the people.

America’s child death shame: BBC

Sixty-six children under the age of 15 die from physical abuse or neglect every week in the industrialised world. Twenty-seven of those die in the US          Read More…

The $600 Trillion Time Bomb That’s Set to Explode

Do you want to know the real reason banks aren’t lending and the PIIGS have control of the barnyard in Europe?
It’s because risk in the $600 trillion derivatives market isn’t evening out. To the contrary, it’s growing increasingly concentrated among a select few banks, especially here in the United States. In 2009, five banks held 80% of          Read More…

Pakistani tribesmen threaten US with holy war

Hundreds of Pakistani tribesmen on Tuesday threatened the United States with holy war, lashing out at demands for action against Al-Qaeda-linked Haqqani extremists based in Pakistan.

There is growing unease in Pakistan about US pressure to take on the Haqqani network or face the consequences, with the military saying it is too             Read More…

US aid is destroying Pakistan

Insisting that Pakistan should move away from the United States in the ‘war on terror’, Imran Khan believes that aid from the US was allegedly destroying his country.

“The aid to our puppet government from the US is destroying our country. We’re basically using our army to kill our own people with American money. We have to          Read More…

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