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Pakistan is the World’s Sixth Country to Map a Human Genome

Pakistan has become the world’s sixth country and the first Muslim state to map the genome of the first Pakistani individual. The complete genome mapping was done jointly by the Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicine & Drug Research (PCMD) at Karachi University and Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) in China.The details were revealed to the Pakistani media by Prof. Dr. Read More…


Obama Goal once again Destroy Pakistan

War hysteria create against Pakistan,Now Obama once again targeting Pakistan every way,idea to provoke civil war to divide Pakistan into 4 parts.US consider to direct attack on Pakistan but it can’t because of Pakistan Nuclear Arsenal and Nuclear Deterrence.Goal once again is to destroy pakistan as an energy corridor Read More…

I hope the fire doesn’t reach the United States

China warned the United States on Wednesday not to let Southeast Asian countries drag it into territorial disputes in the South China Sea, saying the U.S. instead should counsel its allies to show restraint.
I believe the individual countries are playing with fire,” Cui Tiankai, China’s vice foreign minister, said Wednesday. “I hope the fire doesn’t reach the United States.”
One of the most formidable warships in the United States Navy has been deployed in the South China Sea and Sulu Sea for “freedom of navigation operations,”.The ship will be sailing through waters that the US considers international waters to assert right of free passage and to demonstrate the international community does not accept national claims to the contrary.

China emerged from the 2007-8 global economic crisis with a new sense of its strength and corresponding US weakness when it comes to money and power. China threaten the United States and claiming the entire South China Sea as its own, citing historical records.
Budget funds are tight. And, significantly, cracks are beginning to appear within the United States. National politics are increasingly polarized and paralyzed as the country debates how to get its economic house in order. A recent Wall Street Journal editorial told readers they have to choose between being a superpower or a welfare state. That is precisely the choice the new Cold Warriors would want us to face.

Source: YAHOO NEWSwashingtonpost

Secret Pentagon Afghanistan talks stay for decades.Obama Raj.

Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, recently said Washington did not want any “permanent” bases in Afghanistan.American and Afghan officials are locked in increasingly acrimonious secret talks about a long-term security agreement which is likely to see US troops, spies and air power based in
the troubled country for decades. 
Russia, China and India concerned about ‘strategic partnership’ in which Americans would remain after 2014.Russia has already urged U.S to remove its military bases from Central Asian countries since the military action in Afghanistan is over.but the US secret  agenda is to stay in Afghanistan for indefinitely to push forward their real agenda.
Taliban says it proved the “colonialist motives of America” in the ongoing occupation. Zabiullah Mujahid, Taliban leader Mullah Omar’s spokesperson, in an e-mail exchange with Rediff.com, said the Afghan Taliban would never fall into a trap that aims to prolong the United States-led International Security Force’s stay in Afghanistan.U.S. had a three point agenda for the Afghanistan. One, they would use the Afghani against the Iran. Two, they would like to pressurize them to arrange shelter and training camps to the rebels of Shin kiang in Afghanistan. And three, the American wanted to exploit their resources and fourth, construct a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan through Afghanistan.
Northern Alliance was in fact engaged in training a number of youth for infiltration and carrying out subversion activities in Xinjiang to blame eventually Taliban and Pakistani mujahideen. The training was being provided by the Indian intelligence agency RAW and their Israeli counterpart Mossad. Some Americans posing as foreign journalists  tried to convince its head Moulana Sami-ul-Haq, to lend its support to raise his voice against ‘Chinese repression’ in Xinjiang.But all U.S, Israeli and Indian efforts to involve any Islamic group of Pakistan against China so far failed.
There are at least five bases in Afghanistan which are likely candidates to house large contingents of American special forces, intelligence operatives, surveillance equipment and military hardware post-2014. In the heart of one of the most unstable regions in the world and close to the borders of Pakistan, Iran and China, as well as to central Asia and the Persian Gulf, the bases would be rare strategic assets.
News of the US-Afghan talks has sparked deep concern among powers in the region and beyond. Russia and India are understood to have made their concerns about a long-term US presence known to both Washington and Kabul. China, which has pursued a policy of strict non-intervention beyond economic affairs in Afghanistan, has also made its disquiet clear. During a recent visit, senior Pakistani officials were reported to have tried to convince their Afghan counterparts to look to China as a strategic partner, not the US.
American negotiators will arrive later this month in Kabul for a new round of talks. The Afghans rejected the Americans’ first draft of a strategic partnership agreement in its entirety, preferring to draft their own proposal. This was submitted to Washington two weeks ago.

The Afghan Taliban, while rejecting Karzai’s announcement of a Shura (council) for talks, has announced its ten-point agenda:

In his e-mail Zabiullah Mujahid said, “Islami Amarat (the Pakistan Taliban)
itself is striving for peace in Afghanistan. The Taliban considers peace as a basic human right, but the Taliban has objections over this offer, which is a ploy to deviate the world’s attention from Afghanistan where the American-led foreign forces have almost lost their war against the mujahideen.”

  • Peace is the cry of the day. Every Afghan citizen wants to live in peace, which is a basic human right. But for the peace process, a viable plan should be adopted. This plan is only profitable for the Americans. 
  • First, there should be positive steps. The common people must realise that the Afghan environment is turning peaceful. Announcing a Shura list is nothing more than lip service.
  • For a peace process such people should be brought forward who were never involved in the killing of innocent Afghanis. Peace-loving people should be included in the Shura; those who never served foreigners interests; and those who are known as righteous amongst the masses.
  • 150,000 foreign forces are deployed in Afghanistan. They are killing innocent Afghans on daily basis. The Karzai government seems helpless and cannot make decisions on its own regarding minor issues. So how we can believe in such a big offer from a puppet regime? Could Karzai independently make any decision?
  • This announcement from Karzai is nothing else but a ploy to hide the defeat of the Americans. And also to prolong the Afghanistan’s occupation by NATO forces.
  • Through this plan Americans want to get the support of the Afghan masses and other nations.
  • This announcement is an attempt by the Americans to get the mujahideen to lay down their arms.
  • Americans want to deviate attention from the Afghan Taliban’s aim and demand, which is the establishment of a true Islamic Shariah in Afghanistan. The time is near when the Americans would run from the country and the Taliban would emerge as the real Islamic State.
  • The Taliban asks when the Americans entered Afghanistan in 2001, why did they not feel the need for a council? Now the announcement of a long list of brokers for talks shows that the foreign forces could not win this war. It is too late now; the Taliban would never become a part of such a plan.
  • Finally, Amarat Islami rejects all such offers by the Americans as it is a plan to stay longer in Afghanistan. Their extended stay will prolong the dark period of their occupation, which is full of violence, torture and injustice. So, the mujahideen will continue their jihad until the withdrawal of foreign forces.


Source: the Guardian&ridiff

The Rapid Rising and Declining Ecnomic Powers & Has Economic Power Replaced Military Might?

The Rapid Rising Economic Power

The Chinese leadership has unveiled a strategy to lead the globe in seven of the most important industries.The economic blueprints focus on seven “Strategic Emerging Industries” that Beijing aims to dominate on a global level: alternative energy, biotechnology, new-generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, advanced materials, alternative-fuel cars, and new energy technologies. Global firms that compete in everything from hydropower to flat panel display technology will have to account for stronger Chinese competition. And for countries, such as Japan and Korea, with hopes of having their domestic firms lead these industries, these new Chinese plans may necessitate revamping their policies of state assistance for corporations.(The Atlantic)

Move towards a global military power, in the last 12 months China has crossed several significant milestones that analysts say mark a growing self-confidence 
that Chinese armed forces can now begin to match the country’s status as a rising economic super-power.(The Telegraph)

Facing the Threat of Piracy, China Starts to Talk Like a Superpower,For counter-piracy campaigns to be effective, we should probably move beyond the ocean and crash their bases on the land… It is important that we target not only the operators, those on the small ships or crafts conducting the hijacking activities, but also the figureheads.chen(Globalspin)
China has dialogue mechanisms on defense, security with 22 countries.China has established consultation and dialogue mechanisms on defense and security with 22 countries, and has military-to-military exchanges with more than 150 countries, Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie(xinhuanet)

Rare Earth Elements, advanced military technology depends on these elements
97 percent of the world’s supply comes from mines in China, and China is prepared to simply stop exporting these strategic elements to the rest of the world by 2012.Rare Earth Woes Could Mean Trouble for U.S. Stealth Fleet.(wired)
China Surpasses U.S. as World’s Biggest Energy Consumer China surpassed the U.S. last year as the world’s largest energy consumer, according to an annual report by British oil giant BP
The Rapid Decline Ecnomic Power

Chronic unemployment worse than Great Depression.CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy reports that the chronically unemployed face the hardest road back to recovery, and that while the jobs picture may be improving statistically on a national level, it is not for them.Tinong Nwachan, for example, has far too much time on his hands. When CBS News met the former truck driver he had been out of work for two years. “I don’t really tell too many people this but I’m not ashamed or nothing, I’m homeless,” Nwachan said.(cbsnews)
Decline and fall of the American empire.The US is a country with serious 
problems. Getting on for one in six depend on government food stamps to ensure they have enough to eat. The budget, which was in surplus little more than a decade ago, now has a deficit of Greek-style proportions. There is policy paralysis in Washington.(guardian)
Jack Lifton as saying, “A real crunch is coming. In America, Britain and elsewhere we have not yet woken up to the fact that there is an urgent need to secure the supply of rare earths from sources outside China.”So what’s the problem with these rare elements? 97 percent of the world’s supply comes from mines in China, and China is prepared to simply stop exporting these strategic elements to the rest of the world by 2012.If that happens, the world will be crippled by the collapse of available rare earth elements. Manufacturing of everything from computers and electronics to farm machinery will grind to a halt. Electronics will disappear from the shelves and prices for manufactured goods that depend on these rare elements will skyrocket.(naturalnews)
Paul Gilding, the veteran Australian environmentalist-entrepreneur, who described this moment in a new book called “The Great Disruption: Why the Climate Crisis Will Bring On the End of Shopping and the Birth of a New World.” “When you are surrounded by something so big that requires you to change everything about the way you think and see the world, then denial is the natural response. But the longer we wait, the bigger the response required.”(THOMAS L.FRIEDMAN)
Has Economic Power Replaced Military Might?

At the Cold War’s end, some pundits proclaimed that “geo-economics” had replaced geopolitics. Economic power would become the key to success in world politics, a change that many people thought would usher in a world dominated by Japan and Germany.
Today, some interpret the rise in China’s share of world output as signifying a fundamental shift in the balance of global power, but without considering military power. They argue that a dominant economic power soon becomes a dominant military power, forgetting that the United States was the world’s largest economy for 70 years before it became a military superpower.Political observers have long debated whether economic or military power is more fundamental. The Marxist tradition casts economics as the underlying structure of power, and political institutions as a mere superstructure, an assumption shared by nineteenth-century liberals who believed that growing interdependence in trade and finance would make war obsolete. But, while Britain and Germany were each other’s most significant trading partners in 1914, that did not prevent a conflagration that set back global economic integration for a half-century.
(Joseph S. Nye)

US beats Great Depression.China’s Economy Overtake America’s?

US house price fall ‘beats Great Depression slide“We’re on the verge of a great, great depression.” The ailing US housing market passed a grim milestone in the first quarter of this year, posting a further deterioration that means the fall in house prices is now greater than that suffered during the Great Depression.(stephen foley)

China Has Divested 97 Percent of Its Holdings in U.S. Treasury Bills. China has dropped 97 percent
of its holdings in U.S. Treasury bills, decreasing its ownership of the short-term U.S. government securities from a peak of $210.4 billion in May 2009 to $5.69 billion in March 2011, the most recent month reported by the U.S. Treasury.(presstv)

Debt fight continues despite Wall St. warning.Facing a dire warning from a credit rating agency, the Obama administration lobbied some of Congress’ most conservative members Thursday for an increase in the nation’s debt limit. Republicans responded that the surest way to reassure financial markets was to enact deep deficit cuts.(WASHINGTON

When Will China’s Economy Overtake America’s?China would surpass the US in a
relatively short period of time. The International Monetary Fund recently predicted that the size of China’s economy would overtake that of the US in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) by 2016.But a recent co-authored study by Robert Feenstra, an economist at the University of California, Davis, shows that global economic leadership would pass to China in 2014. And, even more radically, Arvind Subramanian of the Peterson Institute of International Economics argues that China actually surpassed the US in PPP terms in 2010.(Yao Yang)

The Final Battle yet toBegins!More joins Gulf Cooperation Council.Why US Worried?

Saudi Arabia is now rearing its head as a proud lion and letting the world know its views, policies and alliances. Saudi Arabia remains an ally to the United States while it has also forged new levels in its relationships with China and Russia.Saudi Arabia is rallying Muslim nations across the Middle East and Asia to join an Gulf Cooperation Council.Saudi officials
have approached Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Central Asian states to lend diplomatic support—and potentially military assistance in some cases—to help stifle a majority Shiite revolt in Sunni-led Bahrain.Saudi officials said their campaign was broad. “There are many elements of this initiative,” said a Saudi official. “All the major Muslim states are willing to commit to this issue if need be and asked by Saudi leadership.”
            U.S. officials working with Saudi Arabia acknowledged in recent days Riyadh’s frustration with Washington’s policies.The chief of the Saudi National Security Council, Prince Bandar bin Sultan al Saud, asked Pakistan’s powerful generals to lend support for the operation in Bahrain, according to Pakistani, U.S. and Saudi officials briefed on the meetings.Prince Bandar—who was the Saudi ambassador to Washington for more than two decades—told the Pakistani generals that the U.S. shouldn’t be counted on to restore stability across the Middle East or protect Pakistan’s interests in South Asia, these officials say.
                 The official said any potential Pakistani troops could be integrated into the 4,000-man force of mostly Saudi soldiers that deployed to Bahrain in March to defend the ruling Khalifa family against the popular domestic uprising against its rule. But Saudi officials said the current force is adequate, and no formal request for troops has yet been made.
             Prince Bandar’s stops included Russia, China, Pakistan and Malaysia. Bandar was the deal-maker in the Saudi-Chinese intermediate range missile sale in the 1980s that provided Riyadh with its now aging missile force.Riyad also seeks to exploit Pakistani’s expertise in missiles and weapons of mass destruction. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have already developed an array of defense and military relations. But the discussions in Riyad to expand strategic ties reflect the kingdom’s concerns over its deteriorating relations with the United States. Relations between Riyadh and Washington have deteriorated sharply as the Saudis have lost faith in American commitments to stand by their friends.



Pakistan Turns To China For Naval Base,China ready to operate Gwadar port,Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar said on Saturday that China had “acceded to Pakistan’s request to take over operations” of the Gwadar port.
Pakistan is portraying China as a powerful alternative ally and aid source if the U.S. scales down military assistance for Islamabad in the aftermath of Osama bin Laden’s killing.
India worry Pak-China defense tie while stunning News felt as far away as in US. 

U.S. and Indian military officials see Gwadar more as part of a so-called “string of pearls” naval strategy, wherein China has also funded construction or upgrades of ports in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

CIA-RAW&MOSAD nexus gears up secret operation to destabilize Pakistan which was highlighted late Sunday when a Pakistani naval base was attacked in the western port of Karachi, about 300 miles southeast of Gwadar.

Mr. Mukhtar made the announcement after accompanying Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani on a visit to China last week. During that visit, Pakistani officials say, Beijing agreed to expedite delivery of a second batch of 50 jointly developed JF-17 fighter jets to Pakistan, possibly within six months.
China and Pakistan also have discussed plans to build an oil pipeline from Gwadar to northwestern China, and two new stretches of railway extending the Pakistani network to Gwadar at one end, and to the Chinese border at the other.

But Some analysts also say China sees an opportunity in the aftermath of bin Laden’s death and the expected drawdown of U.S. troops in Afghanistan to expand its influence in Pakistan as part of a long-term plan to contain India, open new trade routes, and enable its navy to operate further afield.


U.S. Breached Pakistan sovereignty in OBL raid has Asia scrambling for protection


Operation pushes Pakistan closer to forging security ties with China, even India.An unintended consequence of the surgically precise United States military operation that killed Osama bin Laden is that not only Pakistan, but other South and Central Asian countries are looking for ways to protect their sovereignty and security.The implications of the skill and confidence with which the U.S. was able to mount a sixmonth intelligence operation to discover bin Laden’s hideout and then launch a military operation to kill him without the Pakistani government, army or spy agency being any the wiser has caused concern in capitals throughout Asia.There are signs that together with movements already underway as regional governments contemplate what their neighbourhood will look like when the U.S., NATO and other allied forces leave Afghanistan starting this year, the bin Laden operation is accelerating the formation of new alliances.Much of this is under the canopy of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the mutual defence group founded in 2001 by Russia, China and the Central Asian states of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.The SCO has often been called the region’s post-Soviet Union answer to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Certainly major motives in the formation of the group and its growth have been China’s perception that it was being encircled and confined by the U.S., and both Beijing and Moscow’s unhappiness about the spreading presence of American bases and influence in Central Asia.In 2005 both India and Pakistan, along with Iran and Mongolia, joined the SCO with junior “observer” status.But it has been widely signalled that at the upcoming SCO summit to be held in the Kazakhstan capital Astana in mid-June both Pakistan and India will gain full membership of the organization.SCO is purposefully a U.S.free zone. Indeed, Washington’s requests for observer status have been rebuffed.

US,Israel and India Imposed War On Pakistan & GHAZWA-E-HIND Prophecy

Pakistan, China premiers meet amid tension with US, “Pakistan will avoid entrapment in either the U.S. or Chinese camp and much of this is about subtle warnings to the United States not to pressure Islamabad too hard,” said Michael Green, a top Asia adviser to former U.S. President George W. Bush’s administration. 

“I don’t care if someone is giving us money; we are not a purchasable commodity. We cannot be bought. We can live in hunger, but we won’t compromise our national interests.”– Bashir Bilour, a Pakistani senior minister. 

US agenda was potentially pushing Islamabad closer to Beijing. 

1. There is no hope for Afghanistan without Pakistan; cut us off and we will cut you off from all logistics coming in and out of Afghanistan.

2. US already favor India, and you must show some modicum of diplomatic, political, and strategic balance.

3. The United States does not respect Pakistan sovereignty and violates both our land borders and our air space at will.

4. Pakistan suffer more from radical Islamic terrorism than do you, and in fact have experienced an upswing in violence because of our decade-long, post–9/11 alliance with you. 


Holy Prophet (PBUH) Told Hazrat Suban (RA):
“Two groups in my Umma will be freed by Allah from hell fire, One which will conquer India and the other which will be with Hazrat Esa (AS).”

Ghazwa-e-Hind By Dr Israr Ahmed


Zaid Hamid — Prepare Yourself for The Final Battle “GHAZWA E HIND”



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