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Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-3

Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-1 Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-2 Afghanistan’s endless war fighting, killing, death and destruction Part-4 Kandhar Battle images Advertisements

Nato Terrorists Destroys Libya’s $30 Billion Water Pipeline


A NATO terrorist attack has hit a water pipes factory in al-Brega, murdering six guards, this being the factory which makes pipes for the great man-made irrigation system across the desert which brings water to seventy per cent of Libyan homes, according to sources in Libya. The factory was hit after the Read More…

Occupy WallStreet NYC Police Brutally Beat Peaceful Protestors

This video captures NYC police acting like pit bulls, attacking and beating the hell out of non-violent protestors who were not trying to resist and were actually trying to surrender.Many here do not have the know how to get these videos out to the public who needs to see how the corporate controlled security forces are treating there fellow Americans. This video captures a glimpse of what really is happening on the ground at the Occupy Wall Street Protest. click below for all videos                   Read More…

Pakistani tribesmen threaten US with holy war

Hundreds of Pakistani tribesmen on Tuesday threatened the United States with holy war, lashing out at demands for action against Al-Qaeda-linked Haqqani extremists based in Pakistan.

There is growing unease in Pakistan about US pressure to take on the Haqqani network or face the consequences, with the military saying it is too             Read More…

Senator: Consider military action against Pakistan, Haqqani !

While the United States, ever more strident, is ratcheting up pressure on Pakistan to snap its “ties with the Haqqani network”, the group’s chief Sirajuddin Haqqani on Friday warned Washington against any military adventure in the North Waziristan tribal agency.The Haqqanis belong to Zadran tribe, which are mostly based in Paktia and Khost provinces of Eastern Afghanistan.Speaking to Reuters by satellite phone from an undisclosed location, Sirajuddin said he’d look forward to a US ground attack in North Waziristan. “The United States will suffer more losses [in North Waziristan] than they did in Afghanistan,” he said. ReadMore…

A Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee said Sunday that the U.S. should consider military action against Pakistan if it continues to support terrorist attacks against American troops in Afghanistan.”The         Read More…

Min. Farrakhan’s Full Press Conference on US, NATO attack on Libya

This is a  eye-opening press conference.Must watch after 13 Minutes. 

Min. Farrakhan’s Full Press Conference on US, NATO attack on Libya (June 15, 2011)

Unthinkable; Bio-Attack On Germany!Is this what Merkel fears could happen in Germany?

American President Obama has been ‘ordered’ to appear (11 June) before a ‘selected panel’ of banking and bio-warfare experts assembled at the 2011 Bilderberg meeting of the uber-powerful global elite being held in St. Moritz, Switzerland.Obama has agreed to this extraordinary meeting and has cancelled all of his previously scheduled activities under the guise of his going with his family to the US Naval Intelligence run Maryland Presidential retreat known as Camp David. Instead of his
remaining with his family at Camp David, however, this report states Obama will board the US Air Force E-4B aircraft known as “The Doomsday Plane” for his secretive trip to St. Moritz.

Though the leaked agenda of the secretive Bilderberg Group shows them calling for a larger Middle East war between the West and Arab nations holding

vast oil and gas reserves, this report states that Obama was summoned to meet them due to the growing fears that the United States is preparing to break all contact with the European Union banking system and that the US has launched a ‘deliberate and calculated’ bio-attack on Germany for not participating in the Libyan war.
Even though German Defence Minister Thomas de Maiziere stated his nation may send troops to Libya when the war ends, outgoing US Defense Chief Robert Gates warned yesterday that America’s NATO military alliance with Europe — the cornerstone of US security policy for six decades — faces a “dim, if not dismal” future.

Germany’s allegations that the US is behind the deadly E.coli outbreak that has killed 30 (29 in Germany, 1 in Sweden) and left ill over 3,000 (700 of whom are warned may be near death) appears to be valid, this report says, based on the DNA analysis of this deadly disease conducted by the Beijing Genome Center.
According to Chinese researchers, the reported strain of this disease found in Germany was not the same E. coli that contaminated the spinach, known as O157:H7. In fact, it was an entirely different strain, called O104:H4 that had never been associated with epidemics before. A search of the medical literature for reports of this new European strain could find only a handful of people who had carried it, and none of them got sick. But “somehow” this obscure microbe had turned vicious, triggering one of the biggest E. coli epidemics in history.
Even worse, these researchers say, is that the new E.coli strain found in Germany has acquired new genes making it immune to all known antibiotics that some say could only have been bio-engineered in a laboratory.
Curious to note is that German authorities who first blamed this outbreak on Spanish cucumbers (which devastated that EU nations fresh produce farmers), are reporting today it was definitely caused by bean-sprouts, but when they admit have, so far, failed to test positively for any trace of this disease.
Interesting to note, however, is that the editor of the US based Natural Health News website, Mike Adams, concurs with the Chinese researchers saying this disease was bio-engineered and has further noted in his report titled Forensic evidence emerges that European e.coli superbug was bioengineered to produce human fatalities” that:
“This particular E.coli variation is a member of the O104 strain, and O104 strains are almost never (normally) resistant to antibiotics. In order for them to acquire this resistance, they must be repeatedly exposed to antibiotics in order to provide the “mutation pressure” that nudges them toward complete drug immunity.
So how, exactly, does a bacterial strain come into existence that’s resistant to over a dozen antibiotics in eight different drug classes and features two deadly gene mutations plus ESBL enzyme capabilities?
There’s really only one way this happens (and only one way) — you have to expose this strain of e.coli to all eight classes of antibiotics drugs. Usually this isn’t done at the same time, of course: You first expose it to penicillin and find the surviving colonies which are resistant to penicillin. You then take those surviving colonies and expose them to tetracycline. The surviving colonies are now resistant to both penicillin and tetracycline. You then expose them to a sulfa drug and collect the surviving colonies from that, and so on. It is a process of genetic selection done in a laboratory with a desired outcome. This is essentially how some bioweapons are engineered by the U.S. Army in its laboratory facility in Ft. Detrick, Maryland.”
Fueling the Bilderberg Group’s fears even more,is that the Obama regime may be preparing for a larger genocidal war on a global scale in order to preserve their hegemony over the world while at the same time their economy nears total and complete collapse. new reports have been emerging this past week that aside from the Obama regime’s planned Total Mideast War, they are actively planning for wars between China and Vietnam over who will control the South China Sea, and between China and India.
To understand how dire the situation in the United States.

The Obama regimes feared response to it, one need only realize that even if the American government taxed its citizens and businesses 100% of what they earned there would still not be enough to pay off their massive debt that China now reports the US has begun defaulting on.
With unemployment and house price levels now outstripping that of the Great Depression the United States Central Bank (Federal Reserve) is, also, said now helpless to help as all it has remaining is a balance of $52.5 billion of capital backing a staggering $2.7 trillion balance sheet.
As this new US financial crisis looms, that many experts warn will rival that of the Great 2008 Collapse, top Clinton strategist James Carville warned Obama this past week that civil unrest in the US is ‘imminently possible’, a call the American leader heeded by allowing his regimes support of new UN measures to strip his citizens of all their guns. regime has expanded their secret police forces to levels unknown in modern history, and by all accounts has begun to unleash them against any American he deems a threat.
To what the future holds for America, and has been confirmed by their bio-attack on Germany, can be gleaned from the recent comments of top Obama regime advisor and Nobel Prize winning New York Times columnist and economics expert Paul Krugman, who said:
“From an economic point of view World War II was, above all, a burst of deficit-financed government spending, on a scale that would never have been approved otherwise. Over the course of the war the federal government borrowed an amount equal to roughly twice the value of G.D.P. in 1940 as the equivalent of roughly $30 trillion today.…this slump can be cured. All it will take is a little bit of intellectual clarity, and a lot of political will.”
Intellectual clarity and political will to start World War III? Can anyone ever again call these Americans sane? 

    America Launch Chemical Warfare Attacks on Pakistan

    US Drone Rockets Contaminated With Deadly Chemical

    – Contain Toxic Agents

    US Drones Launch Chemical Attacks on Innocent Pakistani Civilians

    US Drones Launch Chemical Attacks on Innocent Pakistani Civilians Pakistani physicians and experts reported that the US uses chemical munitions in its drone attacks on the country’s civilians. Given the fact that the Pakistani civilians who have come under the US drone attacks have been afflicted with different skin, optic and respiratory diseases, it can be concluded that Washington is using chemical weapons in its attacks in Pakistan, the physicians said.“Since the missiles launched by the US drones contain dangerous chemical substances, a large number of the injured people in these attacks cannot be declared as dead or alive since they have been afflicted with complicated diseases due to the deadly chemical materials used in the missiles,” a Pakistani physician, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told FNA.(pakistantime.net)

    Should war crimes invariably committed by the state be in the same category as ‘terrorism’ invariably linked to insurgent groups or renegade states? And is it the case that the world’s sole superpower is the only one that has the political, legal and moral authority to define war crimes and terrorism, while exempting itself by silently invoking the doctrine of American Exceptionalism?

    Wikileaks has now uncovered documents from 2002 to 2008, revealing that the Bush
    administration’s ‘War on Terror'” was itself a terrorist campaign at several levels. In addition to human rights violations of foreign nationals, the civil liberties of US citizens suffered in the process because government operated as a police state.

    Documented cases of allegations against US for war crimes (state-sponsored terrorism):

    1. 1902: Lodge Senate Investigating Committee of US war crimes in the war against Philippines

    2. 1943: Canicatti and Biscari massacres – US troops massacred Italian civilians in Biscari, Italy and German and Italian war prisoners in Biscari, but no one was ever charged. General George Patton dismissed the massacres of dozens of people as exaggerations.

    3. 1945: Dachau massacre – US troops killed German prisoners of war. General Patton dismissed the charges.

    4. The Pentagon’s Vietnam War Crimes Working Group Files confirm US war 320 separate cases of war crimes, excluding My Lai Massacre of 350 unarmed men, children and women, that US Army documented.A single conviction came out of that era.

    5. Agent Orange – French-based International Tribunal of Conscience in Support of the Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange violated the Hague Convention of 1907, Geneva Conventions of 1927 and 1949.

    No one was ever held accountable. The US District Court of Brooklyn dismissed a law suit in the case in 2005 on the basis that: “No treaty or agreement, express or implied, of the United States, operated to make use of herbicides in Vietnam a violation of the laws of war or any other form of international law until at the earliest April of 1975.” The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals later ruled that “Agent Orange and similar U.S. herbicides cannot be considered poisons banned under international rules of war.”

    6. NATO bombing of Yugoslavia: 1999 – 400-1000 civilians killed in deliberate targeting of civilians and infrastructure. No one prosecuted.

    7. 2002: War on Terror – A presidential memorandum gave the right to interrogators to deny prisoners basic protections as stipulated by the Geneva Convention, thereby permitting violations resulting in war crimes. On that basis, US personnel carried out torture of prisoners that the US classified as ‘unlawful combatants’, thus circumventing Geneva Convention rules. US Justice Department redefined the law to allow for war crimes to be committed and at the same time not be held accountable.

    8. 2006: Human Rights Watch charged that Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld was criminally liable for his involvement in the abuse of a Guantanamo detainee. In November 2006, legal proceedings went ahead in Germany against Rumsfeld, CIA Director George Tenet, and a number of other Bush administration officials. The Military Commissions Act of 2006, however, provided amnesty for war crimes for they were carried out against the War on Terror. Both Tony Blair and George Bush were accused before the International Criminal Court for war crimes in Iraq, but the US has not signed the treaty that would have given jurisdiction to ICC. The UN Security Council could have charged Bush and Blair for well known crimes in Iraq, but US has veto power.

    Taliban say no plans to attack Pakistan’s nuclear weapons

    In a telephone interview yesterday, Taliban spokesman Mullah Ehsanullah Ehsan rejected repeated concerns that his movement was a threat to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, saying they had no intention of attacking the weapons.The concerns are long-standing among US officials, and have only grown in the wake of the ease with which a handful of insurgents infiltrated the Karachi naval base. The US has suggested repeatedly that they were prepared to move against Pakistan’s arsenal to prevent it from being targeted by insurgents. 
    NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said he was confident that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons were safe; but in the same breath he remarked it was a matter of concern in the wake of the worst assault on Pakistan Navy’s airbase. There is inherent contradiction in NATO chief’s statement, because when he admits Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are safe and well-protected there is no reason or ground for expressing concern about them. What NATO chief has said is in fact reflective of a clearly-defined US policy, which is articulated by US Generals, think tanks, former members of US administration to prove that Pakistan government and the army cannot control the militants and terrorists who could lay their hands on nukes, which will be dangerous for the region and the world at large.

    Unfounded concern over Pakistan nukes

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