US Permit NATO to More Attacks in Pakistan: American Media 28-11-2011

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Pakistan: US&NATO supplies cut off permanently. All stranded trucks ordered back. Truck terminals sealed.
Pakistan: US personnel equipment will be evicted by force if Shamsi airfield is not vacated in 15 days.
Pakistan Military:  US&NATO regret not enough,does not accept NATO’s apology and that this action can lead to serious consequences.
Pakistan: turns down UAE request to let US use Shamsi airfield. Our sources say Pakistan will forcibly evict the base in 14 days if not vacated voluntarily. All CIA contractors present there will have to report US Emb in ISB, since they carry US diplomatic passports and pretend to be diplomats.(Ahmed Quraishi)
O Dear Lord ! Stay witness 
O Motherland ! Stay Witness
For I did my duty, at my best 
For I bled till death, for the rest
I fell with Honor, with Dignity as my Bride 
O Motherland ! Stay witness


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