Fareed Zakaria in Tehran Interviews President Ahmedinejad

Well, he  found it was difficult to penetrate Ahmadinejad’s logic so he resorted to innuendo.
Fareed Zakaria ended up looking like a pathetic shill.
He is not unique, he is just another hack in the pseudo journalism Mainstream Media trade, there are hundreds, if not thousands of his colleagues that serve as shills for their Corporate bosses in the world.

-Edited by Debbie Menon

The Positions of America has never helped  –  Pres. Ahmedinejad

Talk of human rights violations, watch the latest Occupy Wall Street Demonstration in the United States below:

Who Are You Protecting?
Incredible footage emerged from downtown Oakland last night – a war zone in which police shot tear gas, bean bags, wooden dowels, flash grenades, and rubber bullets at protesters.

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