There is NO Escape from Afghanistan

Insurgency in Afghanistan is gaining momentum, making things worse for the Afgan Government and US-led alliance. From 2001 to 2010 the US-led Alliance has suffered 2.169 casualties. In the last two years more than 7,400 attacks had taken place in Afganistan resulting in more than 2,400 civilian casualities. Public support of the US war in Afganistan is also waning the US, Afganistan and regional countries. According to a recent CNN poll, only 37% percent of Americans favor the war in Afganistan, and more than half of Americans belive the war has turned into a Vietnam- like quagmire.

Pakistan’s top Nuclear Scientist and father of Pakistan’s nuclear program Doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan, While talking to a private TV channel by telephone, suggested that the US should leave from Afghanistan like Vietnam to avoid from becoming a laughing-stock.


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