Obama Goal once again Destroy Pakistan

War hysteria create against Pakistan,Now Obama once again targeting Pakistan every way,idea to provoke civil war to divide Pakistan into 4 parts.US consider to direct attack on Pakistan but it can’t because of Pakistan Nuclear Arsenal and Nuclear Deterrence.Goal once again is to destroy pakistan as an energy corridor between middle east oil producer Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and china, pipline start in iraq go to iran up through Pakistan cross Himalaya above Kashmir going to China, China ecnomic influence coming to Middle East that cutting anglo american influence.

Officials told the BBC that Around 300 armed Afghan militants had crossed the border and stormed the army post in the Lower Dir area.The attackers came from across the Afghanistan and entered Pakistani territory and attacked the post with heavy weapons before storming it and overpowering the FC personnel and policemen.According to the BBC, local people blamed the Nato forces and the Afghan security personnel for the attack on the Pakistani border post.

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