A Team of Six Taliban suicide Bombers Coordinated Attack on a Governor’s Compound

Taliban bold attack on a governor’s compound in central Afghanistan during a security meeting where US officials were taking part. officials said, with gunbattles and several blasts heard before the assault was put down.“Many people were killed, including Americans, but we still don’t have the exact information,” Mujahid said by telephone from an undisclosed location.The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in the Parwan provincial capital of Charikar, some 30 miles (50 kilometers) north of Kabul. Bagram Air Base, NATO’s headquarters for Regional Command East, is located about 7 miles away.Afghan police said the assault began with a car bomb outside the front gate. The blast blew open a hole in the wall, allowing five insurgents wearing suicide vests and carrying automatic weapons and rocket propelled grenades to rush into the compound. Afghan police said they killed three of the attackers as they approached the governor’s house.A team of six suicide bombers launched a coordinated assault on a provincial governor’s compound in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday, killing 19 people in the latest high-profile attack to target prominent Afghan government officials, authorities

Afghanistan’s former spy chief: ‘Never trust the Taliban’.Amrullah Saleh, the urbane former head of Afghanistan’s spy agency, tells Ben Farmer why it is wrong to talk to the Taliban.”Very simply, the Taliban are our killers, they are not our brothers,” Mr Saleh told The Sunday Telegraph last week.His view is highly inconvenient for the West, as Nato hastens to find a plausible political strategy that will permit it to exit from Afghanistan with some dignity attached over the next few years. ReadMore…

US President Bush begged Italian PM Berlusconi to stop bribing the Taliban in Afghanistan.In a cable to Mr Bush before Mr Berlusconi’s visit to Washington in 2008, Mr Spogli writes that Italian support in Afghanistan “has been undermined by Italy’s growing reputation for avoiding combat and paying ransom and protection money.Italian forces are alleged to have paid off insurgents in Sarobi district, east of Kabul.After a six-month period in 2008 in which Italian troops suffered only one fatality, French troops took over in July.Weeks later the French had 10 killed and 21 injured in a devastating attack. ReadMore…


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