False Flag Riots & anarchy in London!

The riots in London have spread into neighbor suburbs tonight as reports emerge that peaceful protests turned violent after Police started beating a 16 year girl. Evidence has also emerged that police lied about the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting of the
man which sparked the initial protests.

Darcus Howe, a West Indian Writer and Broadcaster, explains why the police brutality and corruption have led to the massive uprising and riots that have spread across London.

Eye witness: “Land of coward police is standing by doing nothing only asking business to close early and stay at home the only areas affected are black guys communities very few criminals out looting shops I have witness some scenes there was about 10/15 teenagers breaking shops windows and about 200 to 300 people just watching them there was plenty of police around just recording every thing on cameras”
One journalist wrote that he was surprised how many people in Tottenham knew of and were critical of the IPCC, but there should be nothing surprising about this. When you look at the figures for deaths in police custody (at least 333 since 1998 and not a single conviction of any police officer for any of them), then the IPCC and the courts are seen by many, quite reasonably, to be protecting the police rather than the people.(guardian)

Listen to this interview by a British investigative journalist!

Banker puppet govt + police brutality + betrayed youth = London riots

The Zionist bankers are behind the riots & anarchy in London! The government policies are controlled by Bankers & under the backdrop of global economic crash, bankers are creating this anarchy to make tighter anti-terrorist laws to check further violence when banks collapse and people try to lynch the bankers for their money!
An independent investigation into the cause of the London riots reveals police planted a bullet and lied about the murder the man that sparked protests that turned into rioting across England.(skynews) 

England Riots key Locations

London riots: BBC criticised for branding thugs as ‘protesters’The BBC was criticised for its political correctness last night after continually referring to the yobs rioting across London as “protesters”.(Telegraph)

London Riot Police beat alleged teenage rioters on bicycles try to flee city center, and blockade the street.

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