Endless war policy ruined US economy

The United States’ engagement in “endless wars” and unsustainable social programs are the main cause of the country’s financial crisis, according to a professor at California State University.”We burn massive amounts of resources invading countries all over the world,” he noted.The US officially hit its $14.3 trillion debt ceiling on May 16,
up from $10.6 trillion when Obama took office in 2009.
US unemployment rises Again.Speaking from the White House’s rose garden Friday morning, President Barack Obama says America needs to get back to a place “where new jobs and opportunities are within reach,” but notes, however, that “we still have a long way to go.”The economic recovery is simply not gaining steam.(RT)

35% Of California Teens Can’t Find Work This Summer.It used to be you could get a job as a high school drop out. Or you could hold a job while staying in school. And you could definitely find work over the summer.Not anymore.

A recent, detailed study by the Eisenhower Research Project at Brown University revealed that the war on terror has cost the US economy, so far, from $3.7 trillion (the most conservative estimate) to $4.4 trillion (the moderate estimate). Then there are interest payments on these costs – another $1 trillion.

That makes the total cost of the war on terror to be, at least, a staggering $5.4 trillion. And that does not include, as the report mentions, “additional macroeconomic consequences of war spending”, or a promised (and undelivered) $5.3 billion reconstruction aid for Afghanistan.

Who’s profiting from this bonanza? That’s easy – US military contractors and a global banking/financial elite.

The notion that the US government would spend $10 billion a month just to chase a few “al-Qaeda types” in the Hindu Kush is nonsense.


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One response to “Endless war policy ruined US economy”

  1. Penny says :

    actually the social programs would be sustainable if not for the endless wars.The social programs would give a better "bang for the buck" so to speak.For instance if healthcare were widely available Americans would be a healthier bunch.

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