Mike Mullen Claims without proof,Islamabad Sanctioned Death Of Pakistani Journalist

The United States believes the Pakistani government “sanctioned” the murder of a prominent Pakistani journalist who had been probing links between the country’s security services and its Islamic militants, said Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.“It was sanctioned by the government,” Mullen told journalists at the Pentagon on Thursday. “I have not seen anything to disabuse the report that the government
knew about this.”(nationaljournal)
Pakistan Government condemns baseless allegation. The Pakistani government called Mullen’s remarks “irresponsible,” warning that it may further strain the already frayed bilateral relations.(Tribune)
 Propaganda to malign ISI. Its plainly stupid to accuse Pakistani govt or ISI of his death. but
if you are Pakistan Fobic and fobia is so over whelming that it can alter the concept of justice in ur mind then you can say and belive any theory you like on basis of ur fobia They dont shout or cry and Trial when Raymond Davis(CIA agent ) killed two of our innocent Pakistanis but shout when one of their paid CIA agent/journalist gets killed by somebody who is involved in activities against Pakistan and Muslim.
US desperation to pressure Pakistan. The recent statement of Mike Mullen on implicating ISI without Evidence for the death of Saleem Shehzad reflects US desperation to pressure Pakistan into bowing to its demand of an operation into North Waziristan and against the Haqqani Group.
U.S.-Pakistan relations sink to new low. Admiral Mike Mullen’s accusation was stunning – not for what he said, the brutal murder of the crusading Pakistani journalist was widely blamed on the nation’s notorious and bloodstained Inter-Service Intelligence agents – but because the U.S. chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said it so plainly and publicly.(theglobeandmail)


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