Does Pakistan Wait for Right Time to Reply?We’ll bomb you to Stone Age

In the sixties in response to the U2 flights from Pakistan Comrade Khrushchev had red-lined Peshawar and threatened to obliterate Peshawar and Pakistan. The old story goes that on 17th December 1971 during the bleakest period of Islamabad’s history, the Kremlin sent a viscous telegram informing the Pakistanis that those who mess with the Soviets face a horrid end. The story also gos that on 17th December 1991, the day the USSR collapsed, the Pakistanis sent a mirror image of the old telegram back to Moscow, informing them that those who mess with Pakistan face an ignominious end–the Soviet Empire disintegrated after the USSR was defeated in Afghanistan.
Russian bled for ten years, [in Afghanistan] until it went bankrupt…now on a way (in Afghanistan) America bleeding to the point of bankruptcy.’”America is now over $14 trillion in debt. ‘Every dollar spent by al-Qaeda in attacking the United States has cost Washington $1 million in economic fallout and military spending’,Dead Reckoning.

US betrayal

The US House Appropriations Committee has put special Pakistan-specific barriers to aid in its report on the House appropriations bill that will probably be passed by the House, though the contents of the Senate bill have yet to be considered even in committee. The gross violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty inherent in the Abbottabad raid, so the appropriations bill also has tougher oversight of this spending. This takes Pakistan back to the great crisis of 1971, when the US Seventh Fleet was to offer help to East Pakistan in the Bay of Bengal, but never did. After leaving Pakistan to be dismembered, the USA first instigated the struggle against the USSR in Afghanistan, then left Pakistan to pick up the pieces and handle the blowback from Islamic militancy, not to mention receive food aid instead of the hard cash it had paid for F-16s, only to pounce on it after 9/11, threatening it “either you are with us or you are against us” and warning that it would be ‘bombed back into the Stone Age’ if it did not join the USA in its so-called War on Terror. In the War itself, not only did the USA complicate matters by occupying Muslim lands, but it also treated Pakistan with disdain, constantly calling on it to do more, killing its citizens through Drone strikes which also violated its sovereignty.

Source: The Nation


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