US,Israel and India Imposed War On Pakistan & GHAZWA-E-HIND Prophecy

Pakistan, China premiers meet amid tension with US, “Pakistan will avoid entrapment in either the U.S. or Chinese camp and much of this is about subtle warnings to the United States not to pressure Islamabad too hard,” said Michael Green, a top Asia adviser to former U.S. President George W. Bush’s administration. 

“I don’t care if someone is giving us money; we are not a purchasable commodity. We cannot be bought. We can live in hunger, but we won’t compromise our national interests.”– Bashir Bilour, a Pakistani senior minister. 

US agenda was potentially pushing Islamabad closer to Beijing. 

1. There is no hope for Afghanistan without Pakistan; cut us off and we will cut you off from all logistics coming in and out of Afghanistan.

2. US already favor India, and you must show some modicum of diplomatic, political, and strategic balance.

3. The United States does not respect Pakistan sovereignty and violates both our land borders and our air space at will.

4. Pakistan suffer more from radical Islamic terrorism than do you, and in fact have experienced an upswing in violence because of our decade-long, post–9/11 alliance with you. 


Holy Prophet (PBUH) Told Hazrat Suban (RA):
“Two groups in my Umma will be freed by Allah from hell fire, One which will conquer India and the other which will be with Hazrat Esa (AS).”

Ghazwa-e-Hind By Dr Israr Ahmed


Zaid Hamid — Prepare Yourself for The Final Battle “GHAZWA E HIND”



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