China warn US, if you mess with Pakistan you will be messing with Beijing.

 CIA target Pakistan.Why?

CIA Announces that Next False Flag Terror Op will be Blamed on Pakistan’s ISI; China Backs Islamabad in Looming Confrontation; Collapse of the US Empire Brings Heightened Danger of General War.New strategic challenges for China and Pakistan, which will become more dependent on each other as a result.

        Saudi Arabia approaches Pakistan for defence assistance in league with China, which angers the US over shift in Saudi dependency.


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8 responses to “China warn US, if you mess with Pakistan you will be messing with Beijing.”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Where is the source for this? I mean which paper sitates this? Who is China said this?

  2. Asif Shah says :

    Dear anonymous you didn't watch RT video i embedded it in post

  3. Anonymous says :

    I heard, Asif Shah, but that is only some white guy sittin on RT and saying it. Where did he get it from? 🙂 It isnt a reliable source

  4. Asif Shah says :

    lol you mean NYTime is reliable or Washington Post,Everybody know American called it information war (hillary clinton) and you still believe that Western media like fox news is reliable and voice coming from Asia and russian or Aljazera is fake.

  5. Anonymous says :


  6. Asif Shah says :

    Thanks for link

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