US losing the war in Afghanistan in the same way the Red Army lost it

 A renowned US journalist says Washington’s military and economic empire could collapse at any time as it has embarked on the same course in Afghanistan as the former USSR did back in the 1980’s.
                “We’re losing [the war in Afghanistan] in the same way the Red Army lost it,” said Chris Hedges in a December 17 interview with the Raw Story.
                “It’s exactly the same configuration where we sort of control the urban centers where 20 percent of the population lives. The rest of the country where 80 percent of the Afghans live is either in the hands of the Taliban or disputed,” he explained.

                “Foreigners will not walk the streets of Kabul because of kidnapping, and journalists regularly meet Taliban officials in Kabul because the whole apparatus is so porous and corrupt,” the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist said.
                 Hedges predicted that US President Obama’s war report due later in December would “contradict not only [US] intelligence reports but everything else that is coming out of Afghanistan.”

                 The CIA’s own assessment confirmed the long-time foreign correspondent’s speculation, as it came in striking contrast with Obama’s report.
                 Defense Secretary Robert Gates, however, insisted that the US controlled more territory in Afghanistan than in 2009.
           Hedges also referred to what it called “a corporate coup d’?tat in slow motion” as another symptom of the US decline. “Our public education system has been gutted. Our infrastructure is corroding and collapsing. Unless we begin to physically resist, they are going to solidify neo-feudalism in this country.”

The loss of the Afghan War by the US and its reluctant allies will call into question the reason for the alliance and likely hasten Europe building an integrated military independent of US control. America’s grip on Western Europe would be ended. 
           That is why Afghanistan so unnerves Washington’s right wingers. The defeat of Soviet armies in Afghanistan in 1989 began the collapse of the Soviet Empire. Could the same fate be in store for the American Raj?

by Senior US journalist Chris Hedges


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